Celebrating Creative Connections: Bigo Live’s Mid-Year Gala 2023



Shining bright on some of the biggest talents in Philippines’ creator economy

Bigo Live, the leading global live streaming platform, is thrilled to share the return of the annual Bigo Live Philippines Mid-Year Gala. The Gala, held at Revel at The Palace on 19 August 2023, saw the convergence of over 100 Bigo Live broadcasters, hosts, users, agencies and partners. They came together to honor and celebrate the creativity and vibrant culture of the Bigo Live’s thriving, diverse and talented community in the Philippines.

A Night of Glamour and Esteem

Bigo Live serves as an important space for people from all walks of life to showcase and grow their talents. The Gala was a glamor-studded night of recognising and celebrating the Bigo Live broadcasters in Philippines who have truly made their mark in the community. 

This year’s star-studded event recognised the best of Bigo Live Philippines’ community across 12 award categories. This includes Mary-Erika Gervacio who clinched the ‘GALA LIVEHOUSE Star’ award, The Daniels Agency winning ‘Top Agency’ award and, itsyourboyChing emerging on top for the ‘INCREDIBLE STAR’ award.

The Gala was hosted by Eyah Candelaria (BIGO ID: Eyah08), one of Bigo Live’s top broadcasters, and the evening featured captivating performances by amazing Filipino singers and rising stars such as:

  • AnnRaniel (BIGO ID: AnnRaniel)
  • Micah Gomez (BIGO ID: mixxhearts)
  • Jannine Cartagena (BIGO ID: Ninjajannine)
  • Gladys Ayuste (BIGO ID: gladyscosplay)
  • Aya Andrade (BIGO ID: Ayaandrade)
  • Erika Louise (BIGO ID: erikalouise)
  • Emie Conjurado (BIGO ID: Emieloveee)

Emie Conjurado

Empowering the Filipino Creator Economy

Recognising the growing size and power of the creator economy in the Philippines, Bigo Live continues to provide an enriching space defined by empowerment and authenticity. The platform enables broadcasters and users alike to forge strong and positive bonds with their communities – whether the audiences are based in the Philippines or around the world. 

“The Filipinos continue to inspire us daily with their laudable talent and their ability to empower inclusive and dynamic communities. Looking ahead, Bigo Live remains dedicated to enhancing creator communities by leveraging our platform to further deepen the localized social ecosystem. We endeavor to empower individuals to continue generating positive impacts within their own communities as their authentic selves,” said Tina Guo, Bigo Live Philippines' Country Manager. 

Since 2016, Bigo Live has paved the way for both established artists and emerging stars to broadcast real-time moments seamlessly, captivating fans and audiences locally and across the globe. Building on this momentum, Bigo Live continues to play a key role in enabling the creative and entertainment industry to continue pushing boundaries in the Philippines.

Bigo Live continues to stand out as a platform where a vast array of inspiring and dedicated broadcasters from various backgrounds can be empowered to connect with audiences meaningfully and build a following. Recognising the evolving user behaviors, Bigo Live strategically focuses on fostering a sense of community, elevating the user experience with deeper engagement through innovation and technology to develop our localized social ecosystem. Moreover, Bigo Live will continue nurturing the organic growth of the creator economy by pioneering creator-centric initiatives that uplift agencies, their hosts and their broadcasters.