ML Quick Cash Loan: Fast and Easy Access to Funds for Every Filipino


ML Quick Cash Loan

There comes a time in our life when no matter how much we prepare for emergency expenses we still run short of funds. The continuing rise in the prices of goods, utility bills, school costs, unexpected home or car repairs, and other financial struggles can affect the ordinary Filipino even if you have been financially stable for years.

When our income becomes insufficient to make ends meet, we become desperate to find the easiest access to immediate funds.  Borrowing money from the bank is not an option because the process can take too long. That's when a quick cash loan becomes your best option. 
M Lhuillier is a reputable non-banking financial services company that has been helping Filipinos for more than two decades and one of their services is the Quick Cash Loan. It's a fast and easy access to funds in 3 simple steps.

First, you need to bring a valid ID and present your item to be used as collateral for appraisal in one of the over 3,000 M Lhuillier branches nationwide.  

Second, fill out the form provided by the branch personnel.

Lastly, receive your cash and the pawn ticket for your collateral.

M Lhuillier Quick Cash Loan

The following items are accepted as collateral:
  • Gold and diamond jewelry
  • laptop, smartphone, iPad, tablet
  • DSLR camera
  • gaming gadgets such as Nintendo, PlayStation
  • silverware, cookware, and kitchenware
  • Ray-Ban sunglasses
  • luxury watches
  • home appliances
  • power tools
  • medical equipments
  • bicycle, motorcycle (selected branches), and car
  • musical instruments 
Rest assured that your item held as collateral is stored in a safe and secure vault. All branches of M Lhuillier are equipped with CCTV. A fire alarm and security systems are also in place.

While loan renewal can be done at any branch, redeeming your collateral and payment can only be done at the branch where you applied for the loan.

When redeeming, make sure that you bring the signed pawn ticket. Present it to the teller together with your payment. Claim the collateral and the official receipt as proof of payment. 

ML Quick Cash Loan is the easiest to get approved and fastest way to get the cash you need to help you manage an urgent financial situation. 

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