Empowering Women: Fitflop's Partnership with ICanServe for Breast Cancer Awareness


Help raise awareness for breast cancer with a new pair of Fitflops, in partnership with ICanServe.

Fitflop, the forward-thinking footwear company, has consistently stood by the side of women through its innovative designs that provide comfort and style, as well as by partnering with the non-profit organization ICanServe Foundation, Inc. (ICS) as it promotes early detection of breast cancer. In their 4th year of partnership, Fitflop not only aims to support the cause, but they are also supporting ICS volunteers who make their advocacy even more powerful in the country.

This year, from October 20 until November 15, 2023, the partnership continues to bloom as Fitflop pledges 5% of sales from participating shoe designs to the ICanServe foundation. This collaboration is an incredible opportunity for all to make a tangible contribution to the breast cancer awareness cause while upgrading their footwear collection.

The following designs will be part of the promotions during the campaign period: F-Mode Crochet Flatform Toe-Post Sandals; F-Mode Folded Leather Flatform Toe-Post Sandals; Rally Leather / Suede Panel Sneakers. FitFlop aims to support women not only in walking through their daily lives but also in sprinting through their most challenging marathons. 

Health and comfort have always been central advocacies for Fitflop - their biomechanic design, long-cultivated partnerships, and identity all center around promoting wellness for women and the spaces they occupy. 

“ICanServe's commitment to breast cancer awareness and early detection resonates deeply with us. Through our enduring partnership with them, we aim to walk hand in hand with those affected by breast cancer, supporting them not only in their everyday journeys but also in their most challenging battles. Together, we aspire to raise awareness and make a meaningful impact in the fight against breast cancer,” said Bel Laureola, Country Marketing Lead of Fitflop/MAP Active Philippines, Inc.

While breast cancer is a harsh reality for many women, it doesn’t have to be a fatal diagnosis. Increasing awareness of its symptoms and maintaining regular medical checkups can significantly contribute to saving lives. Fitflop and ICanServe efforts that continue towards this cause are early breast cancer detection accessible through high-impact information campaigns and community-based breast screening programs in various cities, barangays, and private communities nationwide. 

To further strengthen these programs, ICS provides engaging talks from doctors and breast cancer survivors, support groups, and the educational forums “Ating Dibdibin” and “Silver Linings”. 

As a thank you to the organization that has bridged them to their advocacy, FitFlop is offering all ICanServe volunteers a 20% discount on select FitFlop footwear designs. It is worth noting that many ICanServe volunteers are cancer survivors who dedicate their time to sharing their light with other patients and survivors, making their path better lit, and the journey lighter.

Visit any participating Fitflop branches and upgrade your kicks while helping raise awareness for breast cancer and the ICanServe Foundation, Inc. For more information about FitFlop, its collection of products, and upcoming news, visit their official website, as well as their social media pages (Facebook | Instagram).