GEAR UP! Seminar-Workshop: Navigating Digital Media with Resilience and Beauty Beyond Adversity

In an inspiring testament to resilience, students from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines’ Department of Advertising and Public Relations (PUP-DAPR), alongside Innity Philippines and co-presented by IN2IT Cosmetics, recently orchestrated the GEAR UP! seminar-workshop. Despite unforeseen challenges, the event not only showcased the participants' unwavering dedication to mastering the digital media landscape but also illuminated the beauty that emerges from overcoming adversity.

GEAR UP, launched on December 5, 2023, at the PUP-COC Audio Visual Room, featured insightful sessions by industry experts Andre Agawin and Ninz Alamar from Innity Philippines. The seminar-workshop successfully guided participants through the intricacies of digital media planning and buying, providing indispensable knowledge to empower them in making data-driven decisions.

The event was not just about education; it was an immersive experience. Booth activities, in collaboration with Red Images, the official studio partner, allowed participants to visually express moments of innovation and passion. An IN2IT Cosmetics vanity dresser was also present, ensuring that participants not only felt but looked their best, aligning seamlessly with the brand's mission of providing world-class beauty to Filipinos.

However, fate took an unexpected turn when an earthquake struck, prompting the immediate evacuation of all participants and guests. Prioritizing safety, the organizers swiftly decided to cut the program short in line with the university's directive to halt all ongoing activities. This unplanned disruption prompted a shift in strategy, transforming the workshop session into an asynchronous format, showcasing adaptability and commitment to the participants' learning journey.

The organizers, together with Innity Philippines, transformed adversity into an opportunity for growth and learning. The asynchronous format ensured that the learning objectives were met, despite the unforeseen events. This adaptive approach underscores the organizers' commitment to providing a seamless and valuable learning experience, no matter the circumstances.

The organizers express their heartfelt appreciation to Innity Philippines, IN2IT Cosmetics, Red Images, distinguished media partners, event sponsors, and participants for their unwavering support and understanding during the unforeseen events. As the GEAR UP seminar-workshop concludes, it leaves behind a legacy of beauty beyond adversity, marking a significant collaborative effort that empowers the education of the future generation.

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