Lemongrass Asian Bistro


There used to be a Lemongrass in Megamall near Mexicali that serves the same menu as Pho Hoa. When Megamall underwent renovations, Lemongrass and Soup Kitchen were replaced by other establishments. 

I now prefer Shangri-la over Megamall because it is not as crowded as the latter and it is easier to find a parking slot. I've been noticing Lemongrass near Mrs Fields and Mercury Drug. All the while I thought they have the same menu as Pho Hoa which is located on the cinema level.

I was surprised Lemongrass Asian Bistro does not have the same menu as the Lemongrass of Megamall I used to frequent. I've read that Lemongrass Asian Bistro opened only last February 2011 and is managed by the same group managing Pho Hoa.

I ordered the LEMONGRASS Baby Back Ribs BBQ. I enjoyed the fall off the bone goodness. And when I say I enjoyed it means only the bones where left on my plate!

Homestyle Korean Beef Ribs for my husband. I love this dish. The beef is so tender. It actually tastes like Bistek Tagalog. The only difference is the sesame seeds and the chili. I think I can cook this in my kitchen.

Really had a satisfying early dinner. And I want to try the other food on their menu. I will definitely come back for more!!!