O'Pollo Grilled Chicken and Burgers


I've been seeing O'Pollo whenever I go to St Luke's Medical Center in Quezon City.  We need to get some ice for my injectables and there is no available parking in front of 711. We decided to park at O'Pollo. It's lunch time and lots of parking slots! I think it's inappropriate if I do not buy anything.

I checked out what O'Pollo has to offer. We just had our very late breakfast at Cafe France I don't think there is enough space in my stomach for lunch. I ordered half chicken, smashed potatoes and gourmet coleslaw to go.

The aroma of the grilled chicken filled the car as we drove home. The chicken does not come with the regular gravy sauce. The dip choices are Peri O' (spicy), Preg O' (sweet), Garlic O' (garlic), Tangy O' (sweet and spicy) and the Lemon and Herb sauce. I chose Peri O'.


The chicken is somewhat dry. Smells good but tasted different. Not your usual grilled chicken. The Peri O' dip I chose is very spicy but I liked it. 

The smashed potatoes come with mushroom gravy.  Not velvety, somewhat chunky. Got a funny sweet taste. Ate a quarter of the cup.

The gourmet coleslaw tasted weird though I was able to finish this one.

Over all, we did not like what we ordered. I guess I was expecting the food to taste like Kenny Rogers or Pollo Loco.