A is for Apple


I've always wanted to have a Kindle. Although I love the smell of paper with every turn of a page, my shelves could no longer accommodate new books. I have 93 e-books saved in my laptop and dozens of books saved in my Samsung Galaxy. The laptop is way too big and inconvenient for me because I love reading lying down. While my Samsung allows me the pleasure of reading lying down, it's punishing my eyes.

I have spent months contemplating whether I want a Kindle or not (plus the fact that I need to save up money to buy one) and what other options are available out there for me. I even considered a cheaper alternative from CDR King but was convinced not to buy by their own technician!

iPad2 iOS5

Last Sunday, my husband bought us an iPad. I was really surprised but not very very suprised because I've been teasing him to buy me a reader. I just know he will buy soon. Making me happy makes him happy :D He hinted about it a week ago while we were at the fruits section of the supermarket that we'll buy apple next week at Shangri-la. My mind was focused on my grocery list and so in my mind I was thinking, Oh yeah the fruits here don't look so good. Let's buy at Rustan's Fresh next week.

I hate seeing the apps icons all over the screen. My obsessive-compulsive nature assigned folders to categorize the icons.

Screen protector and Smart Cover are a must! I'm amazed with the Smart Cover. The built-in magnets strong hold helps the iPad stay put. It's so secure you are certain your iPad2 won't fall off when you hold in by the cover.  The Smart Cover also folds into a triangle stand. We opted for the polyutherane. Leather cover is also available but more expensive.

I am now reading The Hunger Games. Enjoying the book and loving the iPad2.