The most beautiful discovery true friends make 
is that they can grow separately without growing apart.

After numerous planning and setting of dates and rescheduling and cancelling.
After almost 6 years.
We talked nonstop we did not notice we've been chatting for almost three hours!
Not that we have lots of catching up to do, because we constantly communicate via chat and texting.
I guess we are just talkative! :D

She traveled all the way from Laguna and I came from Antipolo.
But it was a well spent afternoon.

I love talking to Anne because I learn a lot from her. She makes me understand things. I really admire her. Her wit, her toughness and even her craziness!  She encourages me and inspires me. And most importantly, she makes me appreciate the things that come my way which I most of the time tend to complain about but are indeed blessings.

I guess I'm as crazy as you are. Now I wonder,  how do we manage to keep each other sane?