Strawberry Jam from Heaven


Good Shepherd Strawberry Jam

I did not like strawberry jam before. Because most of the strawberry jams I've tasted are either too sweet or obviously sour. Back in 1998, my ex-boyfriend (now husband) joined a school trip to Baguio. When he returned to Manila, he brought me strawberry jam from Good Shepherd. It was so good.

Last March 2011, we went up to Baguio to attend a friend's wedding. I made sure that we visit the Good Shepherd Convent before going back to Manila. I bought a big bottle of strawberry jam and it lasted less than a month. I've been looking for sellers of the Good Shepherd strawberry jam here in Manila but could not find any.

I was at Robinson's Metro East for our weekly grocery and voila!! I saw this on the Philippine Products shelf. Only the small bottle is available and I think this is kinda expensive for P150. But of course, I bought it.

We had a heavenly breakfast the next morning -- wheat bread, butter, eggs, bacon and strawberry jam. It was cold and raining here in Antipolo. All I need was to close my eyes and suddenly it felt like I was having breakfast at The Manor Camp John Hay.