Dampa Sa Libis


Dampa sa Libis is a restaurant wherein you have to buy first from the market the food you want to eat and then have them cooked the way you want it. This is where we go if we want to eat fresh seafood. Located in E Rodriguez Ave, Libis Quezon City (near Eastwood and Greenmeadows), Dampa sa Libis is very accessible accessible by public transportation. For those with private cars, there is an ample parking space within the compound.

There are two dining areas available. The airconditioned dining area has a function room on the 2nd floor available for private gatherings. The larger dining area outside is where the different cooking stations are also located.

Depending on how you wanted your food cooked, waiting time is around 30 minutes to 1 hour. During peak hours, waiting time could go as long as 2 hours.

We arrived before 11am so we were able to get a table in the airconditioned area. It's better to eat here inside during summer (March to April) especially at lunch time because the temperature outside is really hot.

Having fun with my sisters while waiting for the food

You can request for the drinks to be served right away. But have the rice served later when the food arrives. You don't want to eat a cold cup of rice.

500 grams Green mangoes served with shrimp paste

500 grams Baked tahong with garlic, butter and cheese (this is really delicious!)

500 grams Grilled pork belly marinated in bbq sauce ( must try!)

500 grams Prawn Tempura

1 kilo crabs cooked in coconut milk and chili (heavenly!!!)

My dad enjoying his lunch

We met up with baby Bien's uncle who brought our order of the fundraising t-shirt for Bien's liver transplant campaign.

Posing for the camera after having a very satisfying lunch

Me and hubby

Stomach in everybody :D


Dampa sa Libis
107 E Rodriguez Jr Avenue
Libis, Quezon City
(02) 637.3301
(02) 395.5050