Factory overrun. Class A.

Classic Lacoste polo shirts being sold here in the Philippines via multiply, ebay and even facebook.
The price could go as cheap as P350 and as expensive as P1,500.

I've also came across someone from eBay buying Lacoste paper bags for P100 each. What for? So that they can sell fake Lacoste and claim that it's original.

I really find it insulting because me and hubby invest on our clothes.

We love Lacoste because of Rene Lacoste. Because of tennis. We are even proud owners of the 2011 Roland Garros Collection.

Aside from the fake Lacoste clothes, fake Lacoste shoes and bags are also widely sold here.  The reason why I am not so eager to buy a pair of Lacoste shoes and why it took me years to finally purchase my first Lacoste bag. 

I remember back in College, fake Lacoste bags were very popular in the Philippines. In the recent years, Filipinos are eager to own fake Louis Vuitton bags and last year fake Longchamps Le Pliage bag was a big hit.

So I finally decided to buy my first ever Lacoste bag. I wanted the Shopper's Bag but ended purchasing the Bowler's bag.

Two weeks ago, I noticed that something is wrong with the handle. The edge is starting to chip off.

And continues to chip off...

By the way, I found out that this bag was made in China.

Quality issues??

I sent a letter to Lacoste France this afternoon. I'm glad they responded right away.


Although I had a prompt response from Lacoste France, I did not have any feedbacks from them after that.


  1. Sis what happened did they replace it with a new bag?

  2. Oh well, I didn't hear from them anymore after this email. I decided never to buy a Lacoste bag again.

  3. Hi! I was also looking in the web regarding the quality issues of Lacoste bags. It also happened to me. I bought it last December and didn't expect something like that to happen considering the price and the brand. I called the store and was advised to bring it there for them to check. Tel. no. 7574575.

    1. Did you bring it to the store? What did they do about it?

  4. Not yet. I'll let you know the progress.

  5. There really are many fake Lacoste bags manufactured in China and are sold everywhere in the world. For people to really believe that what they are selling are authentic they will match the price with the original ones.