Of Documents and Doughnut


I only slept for three hours last night but I have to wake up early for a 9am appointment. I arrived at the shuttle terminal at around 7am. Since I am not heading to Makati this time, as expected, there is no queue for the Makati shuttle and I can't figure out where the queue for the Ortigas shuttle ends. As I patiently wait, I was thinking may be I'll trick the "queue fairy" next time. Pretend I'm going elsewhere then change my destination the last minute.

I met up with my husband for breakfast at Starbucks Podium. I'm not really a coffee drinker nor a bread eater. I only ordered hot chocolate and doughnut. Drank half of the hot chocolate and ate three quarters of the doughnut. 

We then went to HSBC to submit some documents. Whenever I have bank transactions, I regret quitting my bank job. I envy those employees in their attractive uniforms enduring the freezing temperature. 

Well, I don't really miss working. But I surely miss dressing up.

Hmmm, next time I meet up with my husband, I'll dress up!