Holy Cow!


Me and hubby were at The Atrium of SM Megamall undecided where to eat lunch. He saw the menu of Holy Cow and everything seem mouthwatering. As we entered, we noticed the interior design of the ranch themed restaurant is very impressive. My husband told me it reminded him of his stay in Texas.

I browsed the menu and problem! -- it was very hard to choose. I want to try the burgers, then I want the steaks then I want the ribs then... aaarrrgghhh. It was already past one in the afternoon and we haven't eaten breakfast yet.

Okay, here's our first meal of the day.

Creamy Clam Chowder
A popular and perfect soup to enjoy, 
this creamy soup – loaded with clams 
is served with garlic French bread. 
This level of perfection raises the bar! 

 Lone Star Grilled Pork Chop
Two pieces, tender pork chop 
delicately marinated and grilled. 
Best served with red wine gravy. 
Undeniably, flavorful. First class, First – rate!

Tender Off the Bone Baby Back Ribs
 Tender pork ribs, seasoned and char – boiled to perfection, 
glazed with hickory barbeque sauce. 
You might fall of your seat!

Pardon me if I made your stomach grumble. I am actually salivating as I write. We already planned to come back and try the other menu choices. 

My treat to you, dear readers -- their menu.

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