Tender Bob's


We were at Shangri-la to buy some stuff. I have a favorite restaurant here but today, we decided to try Tender Bob's. I've been wanting to eat at Tender Bob's. I have actually bookmarked their website months ago and browsed the menu a dozen times. 

Weekend is my cheat day. I am allowed to eat almost anything I fancy. I don't eat much pork at home. My diet is limited to chicken, fish and vegetables. 

Guess what I had for lunch?!

Porkchops! :D

Southwestern Chicken for hubby. This is made from boneless chicken legs 
loaded with cheese, bacon, salsa & barbecue sauce.

I love the food. I want to try the baby back ribs on my next visit.. and the spinach & artichoke dip.. and the clam chowder and the... :D