Mr Kimbob Korean Restaurant


I was at SM Masinag last Monday to buy our 5th rice cooker in 8 years of marriage. The previous 4 rice cookers were all wedding gifts. They only had an average useful life of 2 years. Either I don't know how to cook rice or the cookers were of low quality.

 We went to the foodcourt to eat breakfast. My usual choice is Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant. But when I saw a group of Koreans lining up at Mr Kimbob, I decided to try this Korean Health Food Restaurant. The prices of the food in their menu are very affordable. I am not familiar with Korean food. I ordered the same meal the Koreans ordered. Well, they know better!

I ordered bibimbob. I started eating it like the way you would eat a tapsilog. Then I noticed the instruction written on the paper wrapped around the sizzling plate on how to eat it. ;p

The serving is generous. If I remember it right, this meal only costs P99 ($2). I love the taste especially the beef. You can actually choose if you want beef, chicken or pork. I like this so much I'm craving as I write this blog.