SmartBro Wifi on the Go!


It has been a month and a half since I switched to WiFi on the go. I was a SmartBro canopy plan subscriber for five years. It has served me well. Smart made me survive nine months of separation with my husband in 2007. We relied on chatting and videocall while he was in Austin. Smart gave me fast internet connection which enabled me to effectively perform my internet research job with a company from Virginia. Smart played a major part in my first ever online work. Everything in this website , a project I am very proud of, were researched using my Smartbro Unlimited 999 Plan. There are days when I also experienced slow or no connection especially during very bad weather. Overall, I was very satisfied with the SmartBro canopy.

Last July 16, I requested for my SmartBro Canopy subscription discontinued. I switched to Pocket WiFi and loving it! I now have my own wifi connection anywhere I go. No need to use the slow free wifi from malls and coffee shops. I also got myself a Power Plug-It. Well, I don't really need it. Hmm, but it's better to have it just in case :D