PowerHouse Super Eraser Cleaning Pads


If you live in the Philippines, you are probably familiar with Japan Home Centre. The shop sells everything at P88 (approx. USD2.10). I have been patronizing their wide range of merchandise -- from housewares to dog stuff to crafts. It seems they have everything. Even food!

I saw this Super Eraser yesterday when I went shopping at Japan Home Centre. I was hesitant to buy because I'm not confident that the product will really work. This PowerHouse Super Eraser is similar to Procter & Gamble's Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and 3M's Scotch Brite Easy Erasing Pad. But this one is way cheaper.

I'm glad I bought this Super Eraser. I was able to effortlessly clean the couch. See the dirty upper part and the area cleaned by the Super Eraser. I'll be going to Japan Home Centre again later this afternoon to hoard this product :D