A Chance for Life: Hope for Justin


When I started a fundraising campaign for Baby Bien's liver transplant, the support of friends, relatives and kind anonymous people was so overwhelming. I believed from the very start that we will be able to raise the amount needed for the operation. And we did.

Another baby is needing our help. He is Justin Marc Russel Nieto Paga. He is also born with Biliary Atresia. Born June 29, 2012, Justin already underwent Kasai Procedure when he was 3 month old. Kasai is a surgical procedure that provides temporary passage way of bile out of the liver.

A biopsy of Justin's liver revealed that a liver transplant is necessary for him to live. His liver is damaged resulting to Biliary Atresia with Liver Cirrhosis. The operation will cost P3M-4M (US$70k-US$100k).

Let us once again help a baby have a fighting chance for life. No amount is too small to save his life.

As part of the fundraising campaign, these t-shirts can be bought for only P250.00 each (US$6.50). For orders, contact:

Russel B. Paga (Father)
E-mail Address: paga_russel@yahoo.com
Telephone Number: (02) 7369464
Cellphone Number: (+63)923-8944288

Jocelyn "Diosa" Nieto Romero (Mother)
Telephone Number: (02)7369464
Cellphone number: (+63)933-2522347

You may send your donation to the following accounts:

BDO Peso Savings Account
( Loyola Heights-Berkeley)
Account Number : 3570113773
Account Name: Justin Marc Russel Nieto Paga

BDO Dollar Savings Account
( Loyola Heights-Berkeley )
Account Number: 103570107412
Account Name: Jocelyn Nieto Romero

Website: http://hopeforjustin.blogspot.com/