Bulacan Sweets


My dad went to Bulacan yesterday with his High School batchmates for their annual Bisita Iglesia. He brought home two of my favorite Bulacan pasalubong goodies -- inipit and pastillas.

Inipit is a custard-filled flat chiffon sandwich. Guiguinto, Bulacan is best known for this delicacy. The first time I have tasted Inipit was way back in college when my friend Josephine gave me a box of this yummy treat. The inipit that my dad brought home is from Eurobake. I saw from the box that it has branches in Metro Manila.

The best pastillas for me! My dad used to bring home this pastillas from Bulacan every Christmas when he was still working. This plainly wrapped dessert is stacked up in a chalkbox-like packaging.

The Bulacan pastillas has a smooth and creamy texture.  Unlike other pastillas that are made from regular milk, this is made from carabao's milk. You'll easily notice the rich taste and the soft, melt in your mouth goodness.