J. CO Donuts


Curious me must find out what the long queue is all about. Friday is coding day and I've got an hour to waste so I went to J.CO SM Megamall. I think there's thirty donut lovers in front of me patiently waiting for their turn. The main reason why the queue gets very long is the inability to meet the demand. At first I thought, is this a marketing strategy? Have a long queue, more people (like me) will get curious and then later find our there really isn't anything extraordinary with the donuts. But then I realized, unlike Dunkin' Donuts, Go Nuts Donuts and Krispy Kreme, J. CO's donuts are so freshly baked. Well, you have to wait though but at least you see your donut being made in front of you. I actually enjoyed watching the crew preparing the donuts :D

These are the only variants available when it was my turn. I don't want to wait for 15 more minutes for the other variants.

I fell in love with Alcapone...

and Blue Berrymore :D