Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil


I received a bottle of Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil from a friend a year ago. Printed on the bottle are these words:

"Do you believe in miracles in bottles? Experience miracles as our gold elixir works in magic.
Helps lighten dark under eye circles, dark spots and pimple marks, minimize stretch marks, lighten
underarms, adds shine to a dull hair, moisturizes the face and body, and more..."

I was skeptical. But since I did not pay for it and it says Dermatologist Tested (I usually have breakouts even on dermatologically tested products) I gave it a try. My problem really is my oily face with patches of dry skin specifically on the forehead. I'm hesitant to apply anything with oil because I somehow believe it will aggravate the oiliness of my face. 


I did not have any breakouts.
The problem with patches of dry skin on the forehead has been addressed.
No oily/heavy feel on the skin.

Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil made me believe in miracle. I've been using this ever since. It's great that Human Nature products are available at Robinson's Metro East. 

By the way, I also started using the Purifying Facial Scrub. :)