Hardy's: It Gets Better with Time


After graduating BS Accountancy from the University of Santo Tomas in 1997, I decided to attend a review school and take the CPA Board Exams. A few weeks before the board, I was hired by China Bank. I did not pass the board exam. But I have a job waiting for me.

I had five wonderful years working in the bank. I decided it's about time to explore other areas of accounting. I transferred to a company belonging to a different industry. I had to start all over again.  Stayed for five years. And had a wonderful achievement. From entry level position to Financial Analyst.

Then I explored the online world. I applied for an online job as an Internet Researcher. I remember, my prospective employer was so hesitant because my experience is mainly about finance. I told him, "Give me a try. I'm a quick learner. Let's have a deal. Give me a month. If you are not satisfied with my work, I won't send you an invoice for my services. I'll consider this as a training and experience opportunity." A year later, I became the Senior Researcher and I supervise two other researchers.

See, things get better over time, just like Hardy's – after 160 years, it just keeps getting better. 

Bill Hardy belongs to the fifth generation of a family well-known in the wine making industry of Australia. And until now, he continues the legacy of his family. Established in 1853 – 160 years of experience has earned Hardy's over 3,000 awards in the last decade. Hardy's is considered as Australia's biggest producer of wine today.  A broad range of sub brands that have strong appeal across a wide range of consumers makes Hardy's one of the most consumed wine brand in the world.