Romancing The Keys


The moment my parents discovered I can hum a tune (or what sounded like music), they made it a habit to have the cassette recorder always ready. Later on, we all realized that singing is not for me. When I reached the age of 9, my dad enrolled me at Yamaha School of Music in Rustan's Cubao. Not voice lessons though. It has been established that singing is a lost cause.

So if my voice cannot produce a sweet, vibrant sound then let my fingers caress the blacks and the whites and serenade the crowd. I never skipped a lesson and I practice whenever I have no school homework.  I had my first recital a year after. I played "Les Feuilles Mortes" at Max's Restaurant. I was glancing at my family's table while waiting for my turn to play. I saw their excited faces and suddenly my nervousness faded away. 

Two years later, I had another recital. It was held at the ground floor of Rustan's Cubao. Unlike the first recital where most of the audience were family members, this one was open to the public. Recalling my previous experience, I was confident that this will be another successful recital. Amidst the clapping of the crowd, I searched for my family. Their approving smile and cheerful applause made me feel like I was the best among the participants.

When I was in Senior High, I've decided to end my five years electone lessons. I was anticipating that college will require my undivided attention. My last recital was the most memorable. It was held at the Yupangco Auditorium. A huge venue compared to my previous recitals. And my piece, Love's Theme by Barry White and Love Unlimited Orchestra took me three months to play without flaw.

It was my time to shine. I've waited for this moment. I've spent long hours practicing. And all the sacrifices paid off.

This was a  bittersweet experience. I was aware that it could be my last public performance. And I gave it my best. For my family. For the audience. For the love of music. And for myself.

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Today, I only play at the privacy of our music room. For my family. For my husband. For the love of music. And always, for myself.