Bravo! Spreads and Sauces


Do you try the new products sample offered at the grocery? I always do. I am very loyal to brands that have captured my taste and I don't usually change brand. I was approached to try Bravo! while I was browsing the shelf for the sun-dried tomato pesto brand I always buy. I tried the different spreads Bravo! offers (I almost had a free snack!) and I like most of them. I was actually torn between the Artichoke and Spinach Spread and the Artichoke and Mushroom Spread. I requested my husband to decide for me.

I remember I still have the El Real Healthy Spaghetti with Malunggay and Carrot Bits in the pantry. It's arvo already and haven't any food intake. I wanna cook something quick, simple and yummy. Bravo! Pesto to the rescue!!!

How about pairing this with a Hardy's Wine?