Pure Glow By Ara's Secret


My sister has been raving about the Pure Glow Body Scrub by Ara's Secret ever since she saw the product featured on Kris TV. She told me that Pure Glow Body Scrub is very effective in removing dead skin cells and deep-seated dirt.

Without the need for convincing, I ordered online via  http://www.arassecret.com/

I only ordered the Body Scrub (P275) while my sister ordered the Body Scrub and Bengkuang Soap with Kojic Acid (P100).

I was actually curious and excited to try the body scrub. 

The instruction is to rub a small amount of scrub gently on the desired part of the body. I tried in on my thigh.

After rubbing for a few minutes, some dead skin cells got lifted off my skin. I was expecting a different result. Well, I guess I do not have much dead skin cells aka libag (hehehe).

I rinsed the dirt off (you may opt to wipe it) and I like the smooth feel of the skin. I also applied it to my ankle and knees but still only got a few dirt.


Update 24 Sept 2014

I've been receiving inquiries on where to buy Pure Glow By Ara's Secret. I bought this from the online store. If you are a reseller, you are welcome to post your contact information on the comments section and I'll publish it so that those wanting to try the products will have options on where to buy.


I'm still using this product and very much satisfied with the result I'm getting. I'm not compensated for posting this or have received free products from Ara's Secret. :)