Manila Marriott Hotel

It all started with the app download last March.

My husband and I are attending an event on April at a place nearby and we decided to book a room at Manila Marriott Hotel. I logged in my account and searched for the best rate. I took advantage of the 21 Day rate. I also enrolled in the Marriott Rewards. I received e-mail reminders as the day of our stay approaches. They also have a Virtual Concierge feature which I find very useful.

I requested for an early check-in in anticipation of the heavy traffic. We were informed that Iglesia Ni Cristo is having an event at Mall of Asia on the day of our arrival.

The very pleasant Ms. Crisostomo made sure that my requests (early check-in, non smoking room and king size bed) are accommodated.

One of the many advantages of booking online is that all my information are in their database already. All I have to do is sign.

Check-in was a breeze. It only took me ten minutes.

As we stepped out of the elevator we noticed right away the clean and nice smelling carpet.

This message greeted me when we entered our room.

WiFi connection is complimentary for Marriott Rewards members. Internet connection is slow though. Good thing I brought my pocket WiFi.

I always invade the mini bar :D

And I always drink the sodas!

Anyways, let me give you a tour of the room...

The king bed is very comfortable. I just wish the pillows were fluffier. I like the wall art and the bedside lamps.

300-thread count sheets that smells so fresh.

I slept for only 4 hours that night but it was a well-rested sleep.

Glass-top working desk and ergonomic chair. Made me want to work!

The mini bar before I invaded. They provide mugs instead of small coffee cups. I also love the ice bucket. A price list not just of the food but also of the stuff you might like inside the room is available.

There's a Philips iPod/iPad docking station but I can't use for my 5th Gen iTouch.

A very relaxing chair with ottoman where my husband sat the whole time while watching NBA.

View was not much of a concern during our stay because we were out most of the time. We were assigned the city view. There's an ongoing construction nearby and gladly it was not a bother. You may choose the golf course view if you want to keep the curtains open.

The Bathroom

The tub! I fell in love with this when I saw the picture on the website of Marriott. I even bought a bubble bar from Lush for an ultimate relaxing experience.

The partition between the bedroom and the bathtub is made of glass. If you are uncomfortable being seen bathing, there's a switch to close the blind.

The bathroom is spacious and well-lighted. Great layout. The bathtub is placed in such a way that you don't see the toilet bowl.

The bathroom essentials neatly kept inside this beautiful wooden box

Body Lotion, Aromatherapy Hand Wash and mint Mouthwash

THANN aromatherapy Shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel and Rice Bran Oil Soap Bar

THANN is a Thai natural skincare body pampering amenity. 

Lifesaver!!! I so need this because I forgot mine. 

We were able to squeeze an hour for a light meal. Instead of ordering room service, we headed to the Pool Bar. 

We were offered to try the Hot Shoppes Summer Weekend BBQ offering at the Pool Bar.

Something yummy coming up..

It was around 2:30 in the afternoon. The weather was hot and the pool was very inviting. If only we had more time..

At least this glass of lemonade was refreshing.

My grilled hotdog sandwich.. yum. Almost ready..

Hubby usual order club sandwich whenever we check in a hotel. For a change, he had single patty grilled burger with bacon. (I'll let him have a club sandwich when come back)

My grilled hotdog sandwich with bacon and lots of fries!

Forget calorie count... time to enjoy our snacks!

We headed back to our room after our meal. We rest for awhile then got dressed for my husband's Employee Service Award.

I'm always so proud of this awesome man. 

Bought this gown two months ago. So relieved it still fits me!

We got back at Marriott an hour before midnight. We were so tired. A trip to the Spa would have been nice.

I browsed the Spa Menu. The Spa hours from 1pm until 1am. 

The Spa Escapes menu is kinda interesting..

and the Bath Therapy menu.

I have not made any reservations I decided to just relax in the tub.

I changed into the bathrobe. For the first time, a hotel bathrobe fits me well!

So glad I brought a bubble bar.

My DIY Spa almost ready..

Have to make sure there'll be no interruptions.

I wish there's a pipe-in music in the bathroom.

After a relaxing soak, I was torn between sleeping and eating.

I checked out the In-Room Dining Menu

Of course, there's a club sandwich. But hubby is too sleepy to get interested.

Kare-kare!!! But it was almost three in the morning. Inasmuch as I want to eat, I decided not to. BUT I'll make sure I'll try the kare-kare next time!

I woke up 7am the next morning. I had the most restful four hours sleep. We had a quick bath then went down to eat breakfast.

I was greeted by the cheerful smile of Chaser at the juice bar. The juices are bottled. The choices are mango, orange, pineapple, four seasons and cranberry.

I asked Chaser to choose for me because it's too early for me to make a very difficult decision. This guy seems always happy!

Undeniably, I enjoyed my first food intake of the day.

The appetizer station and the colorful partition.

Another smile that will make your morning beautiful from the Filipino Station. This is Renz preparing the mouthwatering Filipino favorites.

I had glazed ham, bacon, longganisa, beef tapa and garlic rice. The tapa is soooo good!

My next stop is the Grilling Station.

I requested Allan for a well-done US Rib Eye steak. He was a bit shy to pose but still managed to smile sweetly for the camera.

US Rib Eye steak, grilled sausage and gilled zucchini and potato. I'm not a breakfast eater. I wasn't able to try what the other stations are offering.

Hubby's breakfast plate: Pan de sal, bacon, orange marmalade and cheese

Oh why do you look so good even early in the morning?! No wonder I love waking up next to him.

I checked out the other stations and took some photos..

The Chinese Station. I so wanted to get a bowl of congee but I was so full already.

The Japanese Station. If only my stomach has a little more space for the maki.

Oats, Muesli, Cereals and Fresh and Dried Fruits

Freshly-baked breads and pastries

Before heading back to our room, I dropped by Java+.

They offer gourmet coffee, freshly baked pastries and lots of treat for people with sweet tooth.

Sweet smiles from Maya, Gail and Aileen.

Heavenly Mango Cheesecake and Caramel Cream Puff

I'll probably buy some macarons next time.

Beside Java+ is Eye Candy. The candy store is irresistible to both kids and adults.

Me want some lollipops! :)

I hung this before leaving for breakfast. When we returned, the room was well-made again. Thanks, so much Ben. That was a very efficient housekeeping.

We really had a wonderful overnight stay. I wish we stayed a little longer.

Hmmm... how about returning soon?!