Dove Deeply Nourishing Nutrium Moisture


I'm a big fan of Dove products especially the body wash and white beauty bar. I usually have dry patches on my forehead, arms and legs. I'm not so much into using lotion because of the sticky feel. Good thing, Dove addresses my concern. When Sample Room offered the Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash with Nutrium Moisture, I'm so curious as to how it will surpass the moisturizing effect of the regular Dove body wash.


  • My skin feels softer and smoother compared to the after wash effect of my other body wash.
  • It lathers very well you only need to pour a small amount
  • Very affordable. It retails at P90/200ml and P175/400ml
  • It has a nice, delicate clean smell
  • I need not use lotion after shower


  • You need to stay longer than usual under the shower to rinse off. 
  • I prefer the bottle to be upside down or an easy soft squeeze. The wash is so thick I've got a feeling I won't be able to dispense all the content once I get to the bottom.