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I'm a certified fickle-minded lady and I have changed my blog's layout numerous times. I went from girly, cutesy scrapbook layout to dark emo to clean looking and so on.. But I really love white, simple and clean layout. My blog has been made public last 2012. I've been googling for ways to improve my blog's content and audience reach. I'm not a techie person and I am still finding my way around. My world used to be about debits and credits. Now, I'm trying to learn about html, css and SEO.

It appears like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in choosing or creating a blogger template. I've been searching for free SEO ready templates because I do not know how to make one. Thanks to SEO Blogger Templates I found one that suits me. I really recommend this site especially if you are like me who's not very knowledgeable yet.