SEO Lead Generation Conference: I'm A Search Influencer


I have been blogging since 2004. It was through Tabulas that I first got a taste of social media. I've met people from the blogging site who later on became my friends. I was younger then and my blog was like a journal of my rants and raves. I still remember those wild hormonal years. I realized I was reaching and connecting with people because they can relate with what I write. Somehow I was catching their attention. It was then that I decided to be careful with what I share. 

It was only in November 2011 that I took blogging seriously. I bought my own domain and shifted from "drama" blog to a website where I can share what I love and what I do. My friend, Stephanie Beliaco, an IT Instructor at University of Baguio who I met from my Tabulas days convinced me to add Ms. Janette of Digital Filipino on facebook. I was so hesitant because even though I've been blogging for a decade, I'm such a newbie when it comes to IT stuff. And my gosh! I checked out Ms. Janette Toral's facebook -- Digital Entrepreneur Program Director at DigiEntrepreneur, Author at Blogging from Home and Owner at Club. Super WOW!!!

But Stephanie told me that I'll learn a lot and that Ms. Janette conducts free seminars and trainings. Stephanie knows I thirst for learning. When Ms. Janette posted on facebook about the SEO Lead Generation Conference I took my chance. Luckily, I was given a slot. I was excited and nervous. 

I arrived very early. I met Aries Chan, an editor of Pit Games Media and an owner of a very interesting website The Sabong Chronicles. We had plenty of time before the conference to start. I was amazed at the insights he shared with me. Somehow I realized I've been doing every thing wrong. I also met Maria Rona Beltran, a travel blogger, who  unselfishly gave me tips and pointers. 

The Speakers:

SEO, Web Design, User Experience, and Funnel Optimization for Lead Generation
Speaker: Mannix Pabalan, Founder, Hashtag Digital

Mr. Mannix Pabalan discussed about the importance of a well-designed website. I realized how poor my website layout was and can't wait to go home and fix it.

Buyer Persona Creation for Lead Generation
Speaker: Fitz Gerard Villafuerte, Serial Entrepreneur

Mr. Fitz Villafuerte's topic focused on the importance of identifying the buyer needs and concerns.

SEO and Crafting Your Unique Selling Proposition for Lead Generation
Speaker: Mark Acsay,

Mr Mark Acsay discussed the importance of offering a product or service that has a unique selling proposition in order for it to stand out against competitors.

Building and Sustaining a Lead Generation Community
Speaker: Genesis Reonico,Online Jobs University

Mr Genesis Reonico shared with us the challenges he faced as an online job coach in dealing with affiliate networks.

SEO and Content Marketing for Lead Generation
Speaker: Carlo Angelo P. Gonzales, Digital Marketing Specialist

Mr Carlo Gonzales emphasized the importance of the art of storytelling in order to connect to the target audience. 

SEO and Lead Generation Performance Metrics
Speaker: Janette Toral, E-Commerce Advocate

Ms. Janette Toral discussed the digital marketing metrics that social media practitioners may find useful especially in monitoring lead generation campaigns.

SEO and E-Mail Marketing for Lead Generation
Speaker: Sean Patrick Si, Qeryz

"Email Subscribers are 3.9 times more likely to share
your content than your other blog visitors"

Mr Sean Si discussed the importance of email subscribers. And I just removed that feature from my blog when I changed my layout because I thought it is not important.

SEO and Social Media Marketing for Lead Generation
Speaker: Paul Agabin,

The Do's and Don't's in Social Media. Everyone should have knowledge of this especially those using facebook as a medium for marketing.

It was an day well spent. A win-win for me. I was able to acquire new knowledge and I won a power bank in the raffle. The new learning I was able to apply right away and the power bank I proved to be useful a week after (and I'm using power bank right now because of the rotational 5-hour power interruption).

Thank you so much Digital Filipino and to Lancaster New City for sponsoring this event. 

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