Genting Hong Kong: Star Cruises and Tea


A thoughtful, pleasant surprise greeted me and hubby when we entered our Manila Marriott Hotel golf view deluxe room last June 28. I booked this room when we were at Manila Marriott Hotel last April before checking out and took advantage of the Marriott Rewards package.

This was our view last March -- Star Cruises Centre. I even told my husband that we should consider going on a cruise someday soon. 

Resorts World Manila is the first land-based attraction of Genting Hong Kong in 2009. When it comes to fine dining and world class entertainment and leisure in the Philippines, nothing compares to Resorts World Manila. This highly successful endeavor has set the gold standard.

I love having an afternoon tea while indulging on a slice of cake. This gift really made my day. 

For tea enthusiasts 
 those who look for a
moment of tranquility.

Selected Aged Pu Erh Tea, Selected Souchong Black Tea 
and  Selected Organic Oolong Tea

Selected Aged Pu Erh Tea

The Premium Pu Erh Tea pervades the flavor and aroma of tea leaves selected and picked from indigenous Yunnan forest trees. Fermented and preserved for years, this velvety tea brews to a dark and red colour. It is a highly valued Pu Erh for all.

Selected Souchong Black Tea 

The earliest black tea in the world grows in Fujian is known as Souchong Black Tea. This high quality Souchong is very impressive: clean and slightly cool smokiness in the aroma, like menthol. Refreshing smoky sweet pine flavor, lightly evaporating finish.

Selected Organic Oolong Tea

Selected from organic tea trees in high mountains, the premium oolong tea is traditionally processed with hands to present an authentic sweet aroma, characteristically pleasant and soothing.


May the scent of the tea recall
those delighted memories
you spent with us.