How GrabTaxi Saved My Day


It was an extraordinary Thursday. I went to Cardinal Santos Medical Center to secure healthcard approval for my MRI. I asked the doorman to get me a taxi that will bring me to Gateway Araneta. When I boarded the taxi, I saw the GrabTaxi sticker on the window. I asked the driver about it and told me everything I need to know. At that time, I didn't know the value of the information I got. Aside from the curiosity about GrabTaxi, I have the habit of having sensible conversations with the drivers of the taxi I am riding. 

So how does GrabTaxi work?

First, you must download the GrabTaxi booking App. I'm providing the links of the app below :)

Then all you have to do is register an account and you can already start booking a taxi.

The taxi is equipped with GPS. Input your pick up location and your preferred drop off point. The nearest GrabTaxi will then bid. Then information about the name of the driver, mobile number, taxi plate number, distance from the pick up point and minutes it will take to arrive and the estimated amount you need to pay. Please note that you are to pay an additional P70 for the booking fee. Believe me, the amount is so worth it!

I had an unexpected event to attend to that afternoon. My husband hasn't arrived from work and it started to rain. Dress code was Cocktail Dress and I'll be commuting. And in my state of panick, I remembered the GrabTaxi I boarded a few hours ago. So I downloaded the GrabTaxi App and in 6 minutes, the taxi was at my front door.

The event I attended was the showroom opening of Kohler Philippines at Designo Atelier. I was heading out of the lobby after the event when I booked a taxi to take me home. A few minutes later, the taxi arrived.

Super thank you to Mr Alexander Galon and Mr Nestor Sumbillo, the drivers who safely brought me to the event and back home.

To know more about GrabTaxi, check out their website and follow them of FaceBook