NBI Clearance Online Application System


The first time I applied for an NBI Clearance was in 1997. It was a horrible experience. My mom accompanied me. I remember arriving before 8am and the queue was almost a mile long! How I wished back then that NBI Clearance is available online.

Decades later my wish was granted. 

Application for NEW and RENEWAL of NBI Clearance is now available online. Click HERE to apply.

This is just an online application and you cannot print out the clearance after accomplishing this. This electronic registration systems saves you time  from lining up just to submit your application for data verification.

Once you've filled out the online form, a Registration Code will be generated. This will also serve as your reference number. You may opt to print the online application form and bring it to NBI Main office or any satellite offices or simply tell them of the Registration Code. You will then have your picture and biometrics taken.

Important: Bring two valid IDs. Make sure that one of the IDs you present is the one you stated on your online application.