Workout From Home: Finding Ways To Get Fit


I used to attend Zumba sessions four times a week in the past two and a half year but then my schedule got hectic. I consider myself lucky to at least attend once a week. I am actually busy doing stuff at home -- updating my blog and attending online courses at Coursera

Light bulb moment.

Instead of having excuses, I decided to find ways. Why not workout from home?

I've been on a lookout for a Zumba Toning instructor nearby and can't find any. I was told that a MSP instructor has a Thursday toning class but I can't fit in the schedule. So when I was in Megamall last Thursday, I bought a pair 2 lbs dumbbells and searched for a workout video. Lucky me, for only P199, I got myself Crunch Total Resculpt. And it is exactly what I wanted! 

The instructor is Kendell Hogan, CRUNCH Regional Group Fitness Director.

I've got an ample space in the bedroom to move around. The television and dvd player that were rarely used are now useful again. And I'm sweating and feeling good at the comfort my home.