Smart LTE Pocket WiFi


I have been a SmartBro Subscriber since 2007. I was using canopy in the first five years. The connection was reliable except during bad weather. I was able to have a freelance online job. When we transferred to our new home, I decided to switch to the pocket wifi. The area where we now live has a poor signal and I've been having problem with internet connection and speed. 

I was browsing Smart's website when I chanced upon the Retention Program. I called up the Smart Retention Hotline (*887) and I was told that I'm qualified. I went to Smart Wireless Center the following day and applied for the Retention Program.

I'm now trying the Smart LTE. Although the place I live is not yet within the LTE Coverage Area, the nearby SM Masinag is. I might stay at Starbucks and do my stuff there.

My previous SmartBro plan is the 999 unlimited. The LTE Plan I availed for the retention is also 999/month but I was told that after I consume the 4GB allowance, my speed will go back to the regular 2G/3G and I will be charge P20/30 minutes. Kinda pricey, huh?!