Countdown to 2015: A Bella's Resolution To Get Organized


I'm so excited for 2015. I'm sure you'll agree with me that a new year always promises something better. And even though we can start anytime a fitness regimen, a hobby or a self-improvement activity it seems easier to get motivated on the start of a new year. 

I received a wonderful gift from a dear friend. I have been wanting to have a bill organizer but never find myself buying one. I know I need to declutter my wallet. It's so full of raffle stubs, credit card slips and a few remaining 2014 Belle de Jour coupons. 

I really plan to bring all my coupons in my bag wherever I go and this Storage Solution is perfect. I can get crazy with organizing. I sometimes arrange the clothes in my closet according to color. But I'm not consistent. I'm either too organized or too cluttered. Especially with my wallet! 

I can't wait for 2015. OC mode on!!!