St. Marc Cafe Philippines Chococro, Breads, Sweets & Coffee


How do you resist something so enticing?

I met with my friend Josephine for lunch and while we were hopping from H&M to Gourdos to Uniqlo we passed by this mouthwatering display at St Marc Cafe. We wanted to ignore because we just had a sumptuous lunch and we were discussing about our "diet" programs BUT don't we all deserve a bit of indulgence?

St Marc Cafe originated from Japan and is well known for its CHOCOCRO. It is a croissant filled with the finest Ecuador beans and best blend of Ghana beans. I have yet to come back to St Marc Cafe for the CHOCOCRO.

We had to make a very difficult decision. Everything on display were gastronomically appealing. Josephine ordered the Choco Berry Celebration (P250) while I chose the Choco Banana Split (P250). As soon as the first spoonful touched my tastebuds I declared these St Marc Cafe desserts (and all those I haven't tasted yet) as my new comfort food. 

To dessert indulgence..
To twenty years of friendship..
To additional calories we don't mind having..
and to happiness!!!!

St Marc Cafe is located at SM Megamall Fashion Hall

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