The Wagyu (和牛) Experience


The hubby and I had a date last Friday at the House of Wagyu Stone Grill in Eastwood Libis. He has already dined at the House of Wagyu in Podium and wanted me to experience it. Nothing special to celebrate so this is some sort of a #justbecause kind of date. I'll be sharing with you my "first time" and some tips for the first-timers on how to have a memorable Wagyu experience.

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by the Grade 6 to Grade 8 Wagyu  inside the temperature controlled storage. The restaurant manager, Gerald, allowed me to touch the vacuum-packed meat. He told me that the Wagyu are not frozen and are ready to be sliced once ordered. He also mentioned that freezing the meat affects its quality.

We arrived at the restaurant around 5:30 in the afternoon. We were the only guests. We were able to choose the best spot and had the full attention of the manager and the wait staff. It gets crowded during dinner time so if you want the restaurant all for yourselves I suggest you dine an hour earlier.

To start the meal, we were served with a freshly baked soft bread and butter. We were offered a refill which we graciously declined.

Soup of the Day , P150

The Soup of the Day is the Cream of Mixed Vegetables. 

Waldorf Salad , P350

My salad of choice is the Waldorf Salad. It is made up of apples, walnuts and celery on a bed of lettuce in a mayonnaise-based dressing. It's not the usual chunky Waldorf Salad that I know and prefer but it's okay. Hubby ordered the Garden Salad (P350) -- a mix of breast chicken cubes, apples, mango and lettuce in honey mustard dressing. He loved the Garden Salad.

Other salad choices are Caesar Salad (P300), Mediterranean Salad (P350), Foie Gras Salad (P750) and Scallop and Shrimp Salad (P450).

The Wagyu

Wa - Japanese
Gyu - Cow

Wagyu has become popular because this gastronomic delight is known for its tender meat with intra-muscular fat cells. Before you start worrying about cholesterol, experts discovered that marbled wagyu beef is a healthier choice compared to the regular beef because of its high content of conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid, and stearic acid which has a minimal effect in raising cholesterol.

The wagyu is usually identified with the place it came from. Some examples of Wagyu are Kobe, Mishima, Matsusaka and Sanda. The only Wagyu I know for the longest time is Kobe.

Now we are finally ready for the Wagyu. We were made to wear this brown apron to spare our clothes from the oil spray.

Rib-eye Grade 8 , solo size 220g , P2,900 

We ordered the Rib-eye Grade 8. The Wagyu was placed on top of a very hot volcanic stone. The Wagyu is seasoned only with salt and pepper. Allow 30 seconds before turning the meat over. The wait staff will be assisting you especially if it's your first time.

Other Wagyu choices: Rib-eye Grade 9 (P3,795), Tenderloin Grade 6 (P2,650), Tenderloin Grade 8 (P3,050), NY Striploin Grade 9 (P3,200)

Wagyu Grade 10 and 12 choices: Premium Rib-eye (P4,400), Ultra Premium Rib-eye (P4,800), Premium Tenderloin (P4,500), Ultra Premium Tenderloin (P4,900), Premium NY Striploin (P4,000)

Gerald told me to slice only a portion I'll be eating to retain the moisture of the beef. The volcanic stone remains hot for 30-45 minutes. A resting plate was provided in case you want to transfer the beef to avoid overcooking.

Should you dine here at the Eastwood branch, choose this spot at the far end of the room. Nice view and has a private feel. 

Our sumptuous Wagyu dinner was capped off with a hot cup of brewed coffee and Creme Brulee.

Creme Brulee , P250

Other dessert choices: Frangelico Panacotta (P250), Vanilla Ice Cream with Summer Berries (P250), Cheesecake (P270), Flourless Chocolate Cake (P270), Poached Pears ala Mode (P270)

Gerald, the manager of House of Wagyu Stone Grill Libis branch is highly commendable. It was a pleasurable dining experience at your branch. The wait staff were also very attentive and efficient. House of Wagyu Libis is my branch of choice.

The Verdict:

I entered this restaurant with a very high expectation and I was not disappointed. The ambience is casual and cozy. The service of the manager and the wait staff were warm and personal. The Wagyu is worth the price. I usually love my steak well done because I hate the beef aftertaste. The Wagyu is delicious and surprisingly tender I enjoyed it medium rare without the unpleasant aftertaste. No need for gravy or seasoning. I love it with just salt and pepper. I haven't tasted beef this good. The wow part for me is the tenderness of the meat. 

Looking forward to our next visit. Hubby wants the Grade 12. I want to try their latest offering, the Sanda Wagyu. Introductory price is P4,500. I'm curious! The wagyu we had was from Australia. Sanda Wagyu is from Japan.

House of Wagyu Stone Grill
Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall
Libis, Quezon City

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