If you have a Facebook account, you probably have experienced being flooded by posts about how to get rich fast accompanied by pictures of people with bundles of money and luxury cars. We all know that there's no such a thing as easy money. Even those who are into multi-level marketing are investing not just money but also time and effort to make it big.

I've been reading a lot about Emgoldex, Royale, SWA and other small networking /  multilevel businesses on the internet. A lot of negative feedback about these companies are all over the web. I have friends who invested in these companies and some of them are really earning. I'm a conservative investor and I prefer my money in time deposits and mutual funds even though they don't earn much. 

Someone shared this video on facebook and I feel the need to share.

I wanna know your thoughts. Drop me a line. :)

Update 12th June 2015

Amongst the companies who are into networking, EMGOLDEX is the most popular as of the moment. Just this morning, an article about EMGOLDEX has been posted at GulfNews.Com saying

When contacted by Gulf News, a DMCC spokesperson denied that the companies [Emgoldex and Gold and Silver Physical Metals KG] are registered with the government regulator of commodities trading.

“Emgoldex is not a DMCC-licensed company. DMCC has taken steps to prevent further misuse of our name.”


  1. If there's no selling of product involved then it's 100% scam. Where will they get the money to pay for those who invested? From those they recruited.

  2. Emgoldex is not scam. The news of ABSCBN confused the people.

  3. I am not into pyramid stuff though I found this useful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sometimes i feel irritated to some of my fb friends who tags me on there posts telling that they earn a lot of money from networking. HAHAHA I think you'll still be able to earn with whatever work you have. :D

  5. Not against anything or anyone involved in networking but there's always a better way to success. I don't know, I just see success more than the easy way out. This kind of business is not even easy but it's all about money money money. I don't see growth involved.

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  7. i got involved so many times with my mom because she liked stuff like this. Herbalife is the only one i know sorta legit, the rest were open for a year lang or two and nabaon sa utang mga nandun. However i heard some new companies MAKE MONEY, i know two people from my college which make a living out of it. Still im not very comfortable getting involve, you'll never know when the business will fall.


  8. Me I am hesitant too to join networking though my mom is insisting me. I am also more on investment na lang sa mutual funds or stocks



  9. This is very useful and informative. Thank you for sharing!

  10. I am also not fan of networking or anything t hat comes with a huge membership and they promise that you will get a huge return. I rather go to buy and sell


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