Philippine Blogging Awards 2015: A Bloggers Night You Shouldn't Miss


Hey fellow bloggers, have you signed up for the Philippine Blogging Awards 2015 Gala Night?

Here are the five reasons why you shouldn't miss #Bloggys2015:

  1. It is a prestigious awarding ceremony of the best Filipino Bloggers in the Philippines -- from Luzon to Mindanao.
  2. It is the most awaited night of REAL Filipino Bloggers.
  3. It is an event where you can build your network of niche influencers and trendsetters.
  4. It is where you can establish relationships with blogging groups and networks.
  5. You will witness a key event in Philippine history.
Gala Tickets are running out really fast! Reserve your slot HERE.

Have you nominated a blog? Show some love by nominating your favorite blog HERE.

See yah!!!