Marison's Filipino Cafe and Restaurant: The Best of Antipolo


I've got the best start for 2016. Zomato invited me to a foodie meetup somewhere in Antipolo and I immediately accepted. This is my territory. I've been to as far as Alabang, why on earth would I miss a gastronomic adventure in Antipolo.

Marison's Filipino Cafe and Restaurant is located at the 2nd level of  The Village Center at Mille Luce in San Roque, Antipolo City. It's a short drive from the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in Antipolo. You should include dining here in your itinerary.

Let me begin this restaurant review by sharing with you a photo of our plates. I need not say anything to convince you, my dear readers, how delicious the dishes were. 

Are you ready to salivate? Here's what we had last Thursday...


Deep Fried Kesong Puti at Marison's
Deep Fried Kesong Puti, PhP260

Deep Fried Kesong Puti. Fried lumpiang kesong puti served with spicy pineapple sambal dip.

The owner told us that when Kris Aquino visited Marison's, she liked the Deep Fried Kesong Puti very much. I wouldn't argue with her. 

Pork Confit, PhP210

Pork Confit. Shredded pork topped with crispy bihon wrapped in romaine lettuce with spicy honey sauce.

I ate three of the five on this plate. I actually don't want to share this! It has the right amount of sweetness and just a hint of spiciness. The pork was tender. The lettuce was so fresh and the crispy bihon was a surprise treat. 

Other starters offered in the menu: Empanada, Crispy Beef Tadyang, Chicken Fingers, Balut Tempura and Crispy Crablets


Roco Salata, PhP170

Roco Salata. Mixed greens with grapes, queso de bola, and caramelized cashew nuts with special dressing.

This salad is too sweet for my taste. Or my judgment was a bit impaired because I had too much of the Pork Confit before I ate some salad. 

Other salads offered in the menu: Ensalada Filipina, House Caesar Salad and Ensalada Marison


Spinach in Seafood, PhP130

Spinach in Seafood. Fresh spinach and crabstick in thick broth.

This is my kind of soup! I want it thick and rich. I'm even thinking of this as a meal substitute. Very filling and healthy.

Shrimp Laswa, PhP160

Shrimp Laswa. An Ilonggo dish that is served with fresh shrimps, malunggay, squash, sweet potato, okra and eggplant.

It's my first time to taste this Ilonggo dish. I'm a bit hesitant because of the shrimps. I'm not fond of shrimps in a soup but this one is really good. I would love to pair this with fried fish.

Other soups offered in the menu: Pork Sinigang, Chicken Binakol and Molo.

Pasta and Noodles

Sotanghon Guisado, PhP180

Sotanghon Guisado. Sotanghon noodles with chicken and vegetables

I eat my pancit with rice. Yeah, carbs overload. If not for the other dishes that we were about to taste, I would have eaten more of the Sotanghon Guisado. 

Other pasta and noodles offered in the menu: Pasta Ilocos, Pasta Chinoy, Shrimp and Pesto, Shrimp and Fresh Mango Pasta

Main Course

Crispy Tripe Kare-Kare, PhP330

Crispy Tripe Kare-Kare. Tender beef in peanut and cashew-based sauce topped with crispy tripe and served with house bagoong.

Marison's bestseller is the kare-kare. I got excited because this is my favorite dish. I don't like tripe though. But when this was served, I was surprised that the tripe was cooked crispy. The peanut and cashew-based sauce has a smooth texture and a balance of sweet and salty. You won't even need a bagoong. I just wish there's more veggies.

BTW, the owner's son told us that they make their own bagoong. 

Seafood Kare-Kare, PhP400

Seafood Kare-Kare. Mahi-Mahi, squid, mussels, shrimps in peanut and cashew-based sauce and served with house bagoong.

I've only tasted the Mahi-Mahi in this Seafood Kare-Kare. Although I'm not fond of Seafood Kare-Kare, I liked this one. I'll order both seafood and crispy tripe when I return to Marison with my family.

Sinaing Buntot ng Tuna, PhP410

Sinaing Buntot ng Tuna. Deep fried tuna tail served with sauce and pork cracklings

This one is interesting. It's like a healthy alternative to crispy pata. 

Humba, PhP310

Humba. Braised pork cooked in sugar and served with saba.

I'm looking for a little bit of saltiness from this dish. I find it too sweet. But I think my sister will like this.

Grilled Salmon sa Miso, PhP330

Grilled Salmon sa Miso. Grilled fresh Norwegian salmon fillet glazed with honey miso sauce and caramelized peach.

Salmon is a favorite fish at home. I serve oven-baked salmon at least every two weeks for dinner. Marison's Grilled Salmon sa Miso has introduced me to something new. 

Pork Binagoongan, PhP310

Pork Binagoongan. Lechon kawali in toasted alamang served with eggplant and fresh green mango

Extra rice please!!! 

Other main course offered in the menu: Pork Adobo, Lamb and Chicken Adobo, Pork Baby Back Ribs, Fried Tilapia and Sarciado Mahi-Mahi


Halo-Halo, PhP100/135

Halo-Halo. A delightful combination of sweet "halo" with Marison's signature ice.

I should have left enough space in my stomach for dessert. Marison's Halo-Halo has the softest shaved ice I've tasted in my life. I'll go to Marison just for this!

Frozen Brazo, PhP110

Frozen Brazo. Rich Brazo de Mercedes on top of mantecado ice cream and crushed sweet apa.

Brazo de Mercedes is my least favorite dessert. BUT when I tasted Marison's Frozen Brazo, I wanna bring home a whole serving of this! 

Sans Rival, PhP140

Sans Rival.  Layers of sweet meringue topped with macadamia nuts.

Macadamia on my sans rival?! Insane!!!! The best sans rival ever!!!

Other dessert available in the menu: Sumaka

I should have brought home an order of Sumaka because I'm so curious with this dessert. Sumaka is a local Antipolo delicacy, suman infused with candied cashews, covered with coconut and topped with ripe mangoes served with chocolate dip.

What I love about foodie meetup is that I get to meet the owner of the restaurant. When the owner of Marison's arrived, it felt like it's your mom or tita you are talking to. She is so natural. Magaan sa pakiramdam kausap. And with that you know she's a good person. It also makes the experience like eating at home. Something like a Sunday reunion with the family.

I must admit, I still enjoy looking at the photos and I can still vividly recall that afternoon spent at Marison's. And I so want to go back.

2F Village Center at Mille Luce
ML Quezon St. San Roque, Antipolo

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