School is almost over and the scorching heat of the sun is telling us that summer is already here. Planning for a family getaway soon? How about a barkada bonding? Or maybe a team building for the company?

Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center is a perfect sanctuary for vacation just outside Manila. Located in the picturesque Tanay, Rizal, this resort has something for everyone. Nestled in a 15-hectare forest property with a spectacular view of the Sierra Madre Mountains and Laguna de Bay, Bakasyunan is a popular tourist and vacation destination for fun and adventure.


Poolside Rooms

Bakasyunan Resort offers 94 well-appointed rooms for those who want to stay overnight or longer. The Cliffside rooms and the double Private rooms are ideal for couples who are on a romantic getaway. 

Carneros Inn

The Poolside rooms, Carneros Inn and Quad Private rooms offer comfortable stay for small families. There are 2 units of Family rooms that accommodate a maximum of ten persons. 

VIP Room

The VIP room allows 8 or 12 persons to stay. Dormitory I. II and III are ideal for corporate bookings. 

Room Rates

Private Double
2 Persons
Private Quad
4 Persons
Poolside Room
4 Persons
Carneros Inn
4 Persons
Cliffside Room
2 Persons
VIP 1 & 2
12 Persons
8 Persons
Dormitory 1
22 Persons
Dormitory 2
30 Persons
Dormitory 3
50 Persons


You'll never run out of activities to do while you are staying at Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center. Summer Fun at Bakasyunan is not limited to swimming. You can rent a pedal boat for only P200/hour while the water tricycle is available for P200/30 minutes. You can also float around the donut pool at no extra cost.

If you want an adrenaline rush, don't miss out trying the zipline, rapelling, mudslide, trampoline, ATV and crossing the hanging bridge. Animal lover? Then you can take a slow, relaxing carabao ride or horseback ride. There is also a mini golf, billiards, snook ball and table tennis.

Freedom Wall

Release stress and your bottled up emotions at the Freedom Wall. Throw any item you want while shouting at the top of your lungs for only P25-50 per item.


Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center offers teambuilding packages that can accommodate up to 500 persons for overnight stay and 1,000 persons for a whole day activity. Price per head starts at P100. 

Conference and Seminar

There are 2 units available for Conference venue with a capacity of  200 - 400 persons. You can rent the venue for P5,000 for the 1st three hours. Succeeding hours cost P1,500. There are also 3 units of function room with a capacity of 50-70 persons. The rate is P2,500 for the 1st three hours and P900 for the succeeding hours.

Wedding and Celebrations

Celebrate the most important event in your life at the Bakasyunan Resort and Conference Center. With the beautiful scenery as your backdrop, it will be a truly memorable moment that you will cherish for years to come.

For inquiries and reservations, contact:

Bakasyunan Resort Head Office
(Monday-Friday 9am-6pm)
Tel. Nos.: 02-4401230 / 4408802 /  7064509
Mobile: 09175755116 / 09178303438

Bakasyunan Resort Tanay, Rizal
02-8814515 / 09175755120 
(Everyday 7am-10pm)

Bakasyunan Resort Iba, Zambales (Beach Resort)
02-6688986 / 09175755158 
(Everyday 7am-10pm)

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  1. I see lots of great places to visit in Tanay. Looks like this is a great accommodation while touring Tanay.

  2. Wow, this looks like a great place to enjoy summer.I'll recommend it to my friends.The scenery looks lovely.

    1. Rona Beltran, one of the travel bloggers that I follow said Bakasyunan is really a great place. I'm so excited to stay here this coming May and blog about my experience.

  3. Dang, more places to visit in Tanay. This looks really nice. Perhaps one day our team could use their facilities.

  4. I am really surprised that Tanay alone has so many great place to offer including the Daranak, the Regina Rica, the Tinipak and Mount Daraitan.. now this one!
    I guess it is very ideal for corporate gathering or company team building!

  5. I will definitely visit this place. Looks so peaceful and the accommodation is very affordable. Great post. thanks for sharing! xx

  6. Looks like a great place to stay. Will keep this in mind when we look for a place for our next summer getaway :)

  7. This is a great way to make summer memorable!

  8. Im from rizal, but haven't been here ever. I'll make sure to visit this place after grad :)

  9. Looks great! And not too far. I'll check this place one of these days. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Summer is really just around. A great way to celebrate summer with a blast. Thank you for sharing xx

    l http://dorothytorretijo.blogspot.com

  11. This is perfect. I will be coming back in the Philippines and meet my bestfriends after some months. Near in the metro so it would be perfect for our bonding :)

  12. Wow! Rizal is on my travel list this year and thanks for sharing this resort, will bookmark this.

  13. The place looks nice, and not pricey. Will visit these w/ family this summer!

  14. Perfect place for a getaway! Not too far but will give you a great view of the mountains. Rooms a little pricey for me, though

  15. My dad's friend's family went here late last year and he has been promoting this place to us ever since. He said it's a really great place to bring the family in and just relax for a couple of day's stay. This is already in our itinerary this year. Hopefully, when we visit the place, there wouldn't be so much guests so we can fully enjoy the amenities. Haha.

  16. Ang ganda. Sakto din sa Team building.


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