Rufo's Famous Tapa Launches Sisig Silog Meals


We all know what Rufo's Famous Tapa is famous for -- the savory, tender Batangas beef and saucy Tapsilog! It has been Rufo's bestseller since 1984. I always order this at Rufo's. And because the "sauce pa lang, ulam na" characteristic of this yummy meal, I sometimes can't help but order an extra garlic fried rice.

I was invited by Ross del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas to join other bloggers at the Paseo Center branch in Makati to have a taste of the recently launched "Rufo's SisigSilog". 

What is Sisig?

Sisig was originally a popular Pampanga appetizer and bar chow made of chopped pig face and ears, onions, liver, and spices crackling on a sizzling plate. This is usually topped with a raw egg and then mixed while the plate is still hot. Today, the dish has become a staple in Filipino restaurants with assorted meat versions served not just as pulutan but also as a regular viand that goes well with a cup of steamed rice.

The Rufo's SisigSilog 

The Rufo's #SisigSilog is a solo-sized rice meal version of its bestselling Sizzling Sisig lineup. SISIGaw ka sa #SulitSarap Beef Sisig, Pork Sisig, Chicken Sisig and Bangus Sisig with garlic rice, egg and prawn flakes. For only PhP89 per order, you'll get value for your money with a happy tummy. You can also add iced tea for only PhP10. 

Beef SisigSilog

I got excited and a bit curious with the Beef SisigSilog. I'm not aware of any other restaurant that offers a beef sisig. A spoonful of this tender and tasty Beef SisigSilog instantly won the title of "My Another Favorite At Rufo's". Suddenly, I'll be torn between the Tapsilog and the beef SisigSilog whenever I dine at Rufo's. But hey, isn't it a nice problem to have?!

Pork SisigSilog

The Pork SisigSilog is the meal version of the regular sizzling pork sisig of Rufo's Pulutan Party menu. The Philippines' favorite pulutan in a meal will definitely keep you coming back to Rufo's. So far, the Pork SisigSilog is the bestseller among the four.

Chicken SisigSilog

Another Pulutan Party menu entry that made it to the SisigSilog version is the Chicken sisig. Equally delicious but healthier version of the Pork SisigSilog, indulging in this meal makes you feel less guilty.

Bangus SisigSilog

The healthiest choice among the four is the Bangus SisigSilog. Seafood lovers will surely be delighted with the fresh milkfish from Dagupan. This is a surprised treat for me. I love bangus and I like that Rufo's Bangus SisigSilog doesn't taste malansa.

Since 1984, Rufo's first Makati eatery built a cult following for serving their iconic Tapsilog -- Tapa (fried beef strips), Sinangag (garlic rice) and Itlog (sunny side up) a Filipino "All-Day Breakfast" dish. The success of the store helped popularize the local tapsihan, a Philippine version of the American diner, serving local breakfast fare 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Other delicious and affordable offerings are pork sinigang, boneless bangus, bulalo, chicken tinola, Pinoy beef steak and pork liempo.

Rufo's Famous Tapa President Paul Izon Reyes

Businessman Paul Izon Reyes acquired Rufo's in 2003 and founded the Rufo's Famous Franchise Corporation. He engineered the brand's expansion through franchising by professionalizing its business system and partnering with Francorp, the world leader in franchise development. Rufo's will be celebrating its 32nd anniversary in 2016 and has won two prestigious awards namely "Best in Franchise Support and "Fastest Growing Franchise" in 2013's Entrepreneur Magazine Franchise Awards. Today, Rufo's operates a chain of 20 fast-casual Filipino restaurants all over Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

Thinking of what to have for lunch today? Head over to the nearest Rufo's branch and order the SisigSilog meal.

To know more about Rufo's Famous Tapa, visit You may also follow their social media accounts. Look for "Rufo's Famous Tapa" on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Rufo's Famous Tapa
Paseo Center, Makati City
(02) 893.4282; (02) 893.4286

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