Sony Xperia Photographers Present: Mobile Photography And Hugot

The Sony Xperia Photography - Philippines is a group created by Xperia users who are into mobile photography. The selfless admins of this group are not just mobile photography enthusiasts but are very knowledgeable about photography. One of the admins, Linus Banaag, was recently invited by Sony Philippines as one of the speakers at the Mobile Photography Workshop held in BGC, Taguig.

The Facebook group is growing strong in numbers with 7,022 members. The Xperiatographers are people who love mobile photography and are always eager to learn and improve their skills. One of the activities of the group that I look forward to is the Theme Challenge. Last February, we had the Weekly Theme Challenge Valentines and to make it more fun, we put together the beauty of mobile photography and the kadramahan of hugot. Sharing with you some of the great photos and witty #hugot of our members. 

"Ako lng naman eh"
xT2 ultra
by Adolfo Tobio Jr.

"On the Wings of Love"
Xperia Z3
by Bernadette Bruce

"Wag maniwala sa mga paniniwala"
Xperia Z
Snapseed & Pixlr
by Loryvi Berana

by Jhayar Malayto

"Hugot Mountaineer"
Xperia C3 | Pixlr
by Ayana Sebastian

Xperia z3
by Berndrick Alburo

Valentines mo mukha mo!
by AJ Alvis

" Taho "
Xperia Z2
Superaphoto | Picsart
by Jessieckiel Briagas

Xperia Z3 
by Jill Geronimo

"Ang KAPE!"
Xperia Z2 / Manual Mode
Snapseed / Pixlr
by Don Don

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