Gum Alive: Better Dental Health In 7 Days


ERP Wellness, a company that promotes "real wellness" by making available health and food products made from components and processes which are environment-friendly invited me to try Gum Alive, the Mouth Spa Toothpaste that has no SLS, no parabens, and no flouride. I was given the three variants to try last March 29, 2017. I have fully consumed one tube of the Fresh Breath variant and I'll be sharing with you my experience. 

Gum Alive Fresh Breath for good dental health, long-lasting fresh breath

Gum Alive Fresh Breath has pure natural herbal extracts that help reduce bad breath. These are:

Bodhical Extract. Ancient Herbal Journal recorded the use of Bhodical Extract boiling water as mouthwash for the treatment of gingivitis and bleeding gums. This ancient knowledge has been integrated into the special formula of Bodhical Extract in Gum Alive Fresh Breath.

Guava Leaf Oil. Natural extract which is accepted worldwide for its properties to inhibit bacteria and to effectively reduce bad breath.

Distilled Wood Vinegar. The light brown clear liquid comes from the condensation of distilled wood under specific controlled conditions and kept for over 3 months until it separates into 3 layers. The middle layer is brought for distillation for purity and used as ingredient of this Gum Alive special formula.

Sacred Fig Tree's Bark Extract. This extract is effective in strengthening the gum tissues.

Chamomile Extract. A natural soothing agent.

Clove Oil. Natural antiseptic agent.

Mint. Refreshing breath and cooling effect.

During the event, we were told that we will only need a pea size of the toothpaste. I was so used to putting toothpaste the length size of my toothbrush and somehow this made me wonder if the Gum Alive Mouth Spa Toothpaste will be as effective as it claimed to be. 

I used Gum Alive Fresh Breath for the time after dinner. I was curious if my breath will be fresher in the morning compared to how it was using another brand of toothpaste. After brushing my teeth, I was really amazed at how clean my teeth felt and how fresh my mouth tasted. I went to bed a bit skeptical. When I woke up the next morning, my mouth doesn't taste and smell bad the way it used to. I was so amazed. I also put this toothpaste to test after eating garlicky longganisa for breakfast. I always hate that aftertaste left in my mouth that even when I brush my teeth with toothpaste twice the taste is somewhat still there. To my surprise, Gum Alive Fresh Breath solved my problem about the garlicky aftertaste.

Gum Alive has no flouride. This got me curious about flouride and researched. Check out my article The Truth About Flouride to know what I found out.

I'll be using next the Gum Alive Special Gum Care and then the Gum Alive Natural Whitening. Make sure you keep reading my blog for updates about Gum Alive.

Gum Alive is available in Mercury Drug, Fishermall, Unimart, Cash and Carry Makati, Pioneer Center Mall, All About Health and Wellness at SM Pasig HIypermart, and Makati Supermarket. The 100 grams tube retails for P395.