Make CD-R King Your Summer Activities Partner


How are you dealing with the summer heat so far?

The sun may be scorching hot but summer frolic will never be hindered as we think of summer activities and how to enjoy the season. May it be with your family or friends, everyone feels the need to translate the heat into fun activities that will guarantee to alter your heat boredom. Some may feel the urge to hit the beach for the much needed Vitamin-Sea while others plan to enjoy summer sports workshops. Trekking, canyoneering, Sspelunking and other extreme sports are also very popular.

Here's a list of CD-R King gadgets that will give you inspiration for your dream summer pleasure.

CD-R King Smart Phone Stabilizer 

This gadget lets you shoot steady and compelling video like a professional filmmaker. This gimbal is compatible with most smartphones with screens smaller than 5.5 inches, including iPhone 4, 5, and 6. It's a battery-operated hand grip that uses multi-motors to eliminate the shake by automatically adjusting to your movements and allows you to shoot motions even while you're running. 

It also operates with a turntable design which allows video shooting with your smartphone in all position and direction as well as a Tilt Angle Joystick that gives you the ability to adjust your angle of shooting right at your finger tip. 

CD-R King Drone 

Drone users are growing in numbers especially on a sunny day. This gadget assures them of an uninterrupted play time which cannot be achieved during days wherein imminent rain are standing. 

CD-R King Drone is very portable and lightweight. It isn't bulky and can be folded to a six-inch size. It has a gravity sensor and operates up to 30 meter control distance. It operates on WIFI connectivity and connect to your smartphone via APP to control. It also has a real-time transmission FPV system which can capture photos and record videos thru an adjustable camera angle. This gadget runs on a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery. 

CD-R King Action Camcorder 

Capture your extreme activities and record your adrenaline rush doing zip-line, rappelling, canyoneering and the likes with a hi-resolution camera that lets you shoot hands-free. CD-R King Camcorder has built-in Wi-Fi to access via wireless, viewing on Smartphones or Tablets. It also has a waterproof case that be submerge up to 30 meters deep. The package also includes several mounts to adapt to all your needs. 

CD-R King Portable Fan 

With all these activities planned, what else are we missing? These portable fans are very handy and keeps us cool and refreshed under the summer sun. These are rechargeable thru USB or power it up thru AA batteries for continuous usage. 

All these gadgets can be purchased at a very affordable price. CD-R King believes that technology prices should not be a hindrance to those who cannot afford the pricey stuffs and this is what the general public has been enjoying. 

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