Gangnam Wings: Not Just All About Chicken


Craving for authentic Korean fried chicken? Gangnam Wings in SM Megamall has brought to the Philippines Chef Jung Chungyael to give you a taste of Korea without the need for visa. Though the star of this restaurant is the chicken, there's so much more in the menu to try that one visit is not enough.

Are your eyes ready to feast and your mouth prepared to salivate? Let's start this gastronomic Korean adventure with the chicken.

Gangnam Original

Ideal for a group of 3-4 people, this 6-piece serving of double fried chicken is served with three dipping sauce: ganjang (soya), yangnyum (sweet), and spicy yangnyum. PhP 368

Ganjang Wings

Ganjang means soy sauce in Korean. This has a mild flavor that even kids will enjoy. A 4-piece serving costs PhP 268.

Yangnyum Wings

The crispy wings are double-fried before slowly cooking in yangnyum (sweet and spicy) sauce then garnished with sesame seeds. This has a level one of spiciness. I like this variant because of the burst of flavors. PhP 288

Spicy Yangnyum Wings

Are you up for a challenge? The spiciness level of spicy yangnyum is how Koreans like their chicken. Perfect with a cold soju! PhP 298

Not Just All About Chicken

Korean Fries

Truffle Fries

Level up your fries experience with Gangnam Wings' truffle fries. A generous serving costs PhP 168.

Beef Bulgogi Fries

I highly recommend you order this. It was love at first taste for me. The fries are topped with beef bulgogi, creamy cheese sauce, red onions, scallions, and garnished with sesame seeds. PhP 258

Chili con Carne Fries

It's everything you want on top of a nachos except that you'll have them on your fries! 

It's really difficult to choose among the three fries variants. But if I have to choose one I'd be eating for the rest of my life, it will be the beef bulgogi fries.



The popular Korean noodle dish that we Filipinos have at least tasted once in our life. Japchae is made from glass noodles and stir fried in sesame oil with meat and vegetables. It has a sweet taste. I love the  texture of the noodles and the crunchiness of the vegetables. PhP 248

Spicy Dry Noodles

Warning: Spicy Level 3! You won't feel the "heat" on your first bite. And then boom! But the spicy dry noodles has this delicious creamy sauce that will make you take another forkful. 

How about challenging your friend? If he'd be able to finish this without drinking, you'd pay for this dish.

Seafood Spicy Noodles

The red soup says it all. The seafood spicy noodles is all about being hot. The spiciness is overpowering the seafood flavor. Perfect for the rainy season. PhP 198

Spicy Noodle

I prefer the spicy noodle over the seafood variant. The beaten egg added to the soup creates a different texture and somehow makes the spiciness tolerable. PhP 148

Other Korean Dishes

Seafood Topokki with Cheese

If you are into Koreanovela, you've probably seen a scene where the Koreans eat this like a street food. I got curious when I saw this at Princess Hours. I got a chance to try at one of the Korean fastfood here in the Philippines and didn't like the taste. I was a bit hesitant eating this at Gangnam Wings. Good thing I gave topokki another chance. Gangnam's version is very delicious. PhP 278

Kimchi Pancake

I find this dish very interesting. I love kimchi but never thought that it can be made into a pancake. PhP 268

Seafood Pajeon Pancake

Pajeon means green onion. I like the seafood pajeon pancake because of the generous amount of green onion that complements the seafood. My taste buds were introduced to more flavors compared to the kimchi pancake. PhP 268

Beef Bulgogi Sandwich

New addition on the menu are the sandwiches. You can choose from beef bulgogi and the chili con carne.

Chicken Fillet Sandwich

I'm more of a chicken sandwich person than a burger person. Also new on the menu is Gangnam Wings' Chicken Fillet Sandwich with Cheese. 

Drinks and Desserts

Soju is a combination of two words: So (burned or distilled) and Ju (alcoholic drink). It is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Korea. 

Watermelon Soju

This is meant to be shared with friends but if you happen to finish this alone, I won't judge. Refreshing with a kick of alcohol. Make sure you'd still be able to go home. PhP 588

Pineapple Soju

For a tropical feel, the pineapple soju has the right blend of fruit and alcohol. See the straw? It means it's just normal not to share :) PhP 488

Yakult Soju

My kind of drink. A bottle of soju is turned upside down and half of the content is mixed with yakult. Now this is a drink I won't share with anyone. Not even a sip! PhP 348

Honey Ginseng Tea

If you are not into alcoholic drink, a healthy option is the Honey Ginseng Tea. Other non-alcoholic Korean drinks are barley tea, green tea, honey ginger, strawberry milkkis, demi soda, and bong bong.


Oreo Bingsu

A meal isn't complete without dessert. Korean shaved ice dessert topped with fruits, and condensed milk has found its way in the Philippines and Pinoys just can't get enough of this sweet treat. 

Rockmelon Bingsu
Gangnam Wings has Oreo Bingsu (PhP 250), Mango Bingsu (PhP 250), Banana Bingsu (PhP 250), Rock Melon Bingsu (PhP 350), and Watermelon Bingsu (PhP 350)

Beer Pong

It gets more fun by night time. Challenge your friends with a game of Beer Pong. If you are not yet familiar with the game, all you have to do is throw a ping pong ball across the table and make sure it lands into the cup. The opponent must drink the content of the cup and then takes turn in throwing the ball.

PhP 650 includes 10 bottles of local beer and one bottle of soju.

Visit Gangnam Wings at the Megastrip Megamall A in Mandaluyong City. Follow their facebook page for the latest promos and offers

Gangnam Wings
The Megastrip Unit 1-114
UG/F Megamall Building A
Mandaluyong City

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