Can You Afford To Send Your Children To College?


The moment we become parents our priorities change. There are sacrifices to be made and more often than not, it means a change in lifestyle. We make sure that we are prepared for our children's future. With so much going on in a mom's mind, these changes drive a mom crazy. Sun Life Philippines is very much aware of these things that mothers go through everyday and in order to help "rebalance", the loving moms and doting titas were treated to a day of learning and some pampering at Onsen Spa in I'M Hotel Makati.

The Balanced Motherhood

Family Life Specialist Michelle Alignay discussed about "The Balanced Motherhood". Most moms will agree, especially those who are working moms and single moms, that although we love our children with all our hearts, there are days when the burden of life's demands make us so burned out. We know we need a break but we feel guilty because we feel like we don't deserve it. But how can you take care of other people if you don't take care of yourself?

Self care is re-balancing, re-freshing and recharging yourself. It brings a well-balanced mom to her family.

Michelle quoted Virginia Satir, "Balance is the feeling of being in touch with one's self (body, mind and spirit), of continually centering energy with the cooperation and conscious support of all other parts, as we are in constant process of changing." 

Moms have the tendency (and takes pride in) of multi-tasking. They feel like the more they can single-handedly accomplish in a day, the better they are in being a mother. But what they do not know is that they need the support of other people in the family as well. You cannot always do everything on your own everyday. 

Actions towards balance is working on wants, shoulds and capacity.

You don't need a picture perfect clean house as if you are a feature in a home magazine. You cannot be always "strict" on all the rules you set for the family. We need to bend a little or to revise if the rules doesn't work for the family anymore. You need to delegate certain tasks and not worry that it will not be as good if you'll be the one doing it. And you need not be guilty of spending a few minutes or an hour all by yourself just reading a few chapters of your favorite book, or having a long, warm bath.

You'll probably ask me, but how can I get of my mind off my worries about my children's future?

Well, you also need a partner who will help you lift that burden off your shoulders.

My parents never had problems sending me and my sisters to one of the best universities for college education. Aside from making sure they are well-prepared for their retirement and health care, they secured an educational plan for us. Now that I have my one and only nephew who is 17 months old, we want him to have a bright future as well. Our parents are both gone and I being the eldest in the family takes the responsibility in keeping the entire family financially prepared and stable. Me and my sister has been discussing about our plans for baby Choi. 

How To Build An Educational Plan?

Education is very important. As cliche as it may sound, it is the only thing we can give to our children that no one can take away. With so many unfortunate stories back then of pre-need companies not being able to fulfill their obligations to their plan holders, all we want is to partner with a company we can trust. 

Sun Life has been in existence since 1865 and has survived two world wars. It is the most stable insurance company in the world. Sun Life will help you provide the best education for your children.

Annual college tuition fee is on the rise. Just imagine how much college education will cost for your children. Sun Life Philippines offers educational plan that is tailor-fit to your needs and the flexible payment terms will make it affordable for you.

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SPAmpering at Onsen Spa

I can't remember when was the last time I had a massage. The people close to me know how stressful my 2016 was like. I had so much going on and "indulging" was the least of my priorities eventhough I know I need it. 

Thanks to Sun Life's Moms Day Out, I experienced the best pampering I so deserve at Onsen Spa in I'M Hotel Makati. The aromassage got rid me of muscle tension and back pains I've been complaining about for so long. The buffet at Bloom Restaurant was also something worth remembering. The food at the stations were all gastronomically satisfying. 

Experience Moms Day Out for FREE

Moms with kids 7 years old and below, I want you also to experience the pampering I had. Learn from Family Specialist Michele Alignay on how to balance work and family during our Mom's Day Out on July 1. There will be another session on July 15. To register, send an email to Harrvie Monroyo at

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