WeCube: A Space For Your Business


I have left the corporate and opted to work from home a decade ago. Many of you who are freelancers will agree that it is more challenging compared to the regular 8-5 job. Although most of the time I am confined in the comfort of my home office, I still go out to attend events and sometimes meet up with clients.

One of my pain points is finding a space conducive for working during the gaps of two events. I just hate having my time wasted knowing I could do a lot with 3-4 hours of spare time. Another pain point is finding a place to discuss with (potential) clients that has a professional, business feel. I know some people prefer coffee shops (or probably they do not have a choice) but don't you think it's like a meeting place of those "Open-minded ka ba? Magkape tayo."?

I was invited by WeCube last week and while I was walking towards Coherco Building along Rufino Street where it is located, a familiar feeling hit me. A block away and I realized it is near where I used to work. Entering WeCube, I fell in love right away with the professional and yet relaxed vibe of the space.

WeCube Space

WeCube offers a full-service office inclusive of high speed fiber internet, free flowing coffee or tea, and an environment perfect for working alone or with a group. The location is just a short walk to Greenbelt. Unlike other co-working spaces that I've been to, WeCube is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

WeCube also accepts walk-ins and offers flexible, competitive rates.

PHP150 per hour
PHP400 for 4 hours
PHP800 per day with a slice of grilled cheese
These walk-in rates include unlimited coffee, tea, water (and a loyalty card from The Common Ground)

They have two meeting rooms available for rent (advanced booking required). For those on a monthly plan, the use of the meeting room is for free.

More Than Just a Co-Working Space

Entrepreneurs and startup companies have found an ideal home for their business at WeCube. Choosing WeCube means having a Makati business address, flexi-seats and/or semi-private cubicles for your working space, 24/7 security, use of printing and copy machines, parking, and use of the conference / meeting room.

WeCube celebrated it's first anniversary last June 2017 and the list of local and foreign startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs partnering with the company is continuously growing.

WeCube's clients include Ikot, Lenddo, Philjets Helicopters and Jets, Biometrieux, Scoutedby, GrabJobs, MorphLabs, Regalado, Dibz, Negocia, and ACHealth.


WeCube's support services include

  • Strategic mentorship
  • Access to funding
  • Back office support 
  • Business development support

About WeCube

WeCube is a collaborative ecosystem for startups and SMEs interested in the Philippines with a worldwide network and regional ties. We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who have created, developed, funded and sold companies.

Our mission is to help local and foreign startups, entrepreneurs and SMEs accelerate their development in the region by bringing together the fundamental requirements to achieve business growth in any industry or market: people, resources and access.

Startup co-founders will find that WeCube is an ideal home to incubate ideas, be mentored by industry professionals, and gain access to a vast network of connectors to turn those ideas into realities.

Entrepreneurs and professionals, on the other hand, will enjoy how WeCube brings the comfort of a permanent office without the hassle of administration and overhead. Our shared suite of services allows professionals to focus on their projects and let us sweat the small stuff for them.

At WeCube, we make it our business to grow your business. Work with us, and together, we will make awesome ideas come alive.

Visit www.wecube.ph and explore ways of achieving explosive growth together.