Merries Tape Diaper: Because Your Baby's Smile Is Precious

I could never imagine how much happiness a baby can bring  until Choi arrived in our life. He is the first grandchild and my first nephew. Everybody in the family are clueless on how to take care of this little bundle of joy.  It would have been easier if mom is still alive.

When me and my sisters were still babies, tape diapers are not yet a thing. My mom has to diligently wash the cloth diapers and made sure to keep us dry and comfortable all the time. But I'm sure moms who raised babies in the 70s know that rashes and leakage were inevitable.

Moms these days are luckier. There are so many tape diapers available in the market. The question is: which is the best brand for your baby? Choi has tried different brands before his mom finally found the best for him.

Merries Tape Diaper, Japan's most bought baby diaper brand, is now in the Philippines and here are 7 reasons why you should choose Merries for your baby.

#1 It has long lasting dryness

Diaper rash is a common skin irritation among babies. It develops when moisture on the baby's skin and bacteria from urine and stool irritates the skin. Merries tape diaper has a triple layer air-through system that releases the heat and moisture inside the diaper. Its exceptional breathability gives the babies skin long lasting dryness.

#2 No leakage

Stay leak-free with Merries diaper not just from urine. It also has a soft poo leak guard to make babies comfy all the time and mommies worry-free.

#3 Super absorbency

Merries tape diaper quickly absorbs urine before the skin becomes wet thus making babies' skin stays dry and comfortable.

#4 Ultra soft and fluffy surface

Merries tape diaper has an ultra soft and fluffy surface that is gentle on baby's delicate skin

#5 Color-changing wetness indicator

Merries tape diaper has wetness indicator that helps moms know when to change the baby's diaper.

#6 Soft reusable magic seal

Merries tape diaper has a reusable magic seal that can be adjusted easily for that comfortable fit 

#7 Cute designs

The cute Merries bunny design will not just look good on your baby but can also make mommies smile

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