KIX’s R U Tough Enough? Announces Finalists

KIX, the ultimate TV destination for action entertainment, has announced today the top ten finalists of R U Tough Enough?, the nationwide search for the toughest Pinoy. This time, five male and five female finalists will face one another in the final showdown on October 20 (Friday), 5 P.M., at SM Mall of Asia for the title of Toughest Pinoy or Pinay and the grand prize of PHP 250,000.

This year’s R U Tough Enough? final showdown will be a first of its kind with an exciting battle of man versus woman. This is also the first year that R U Tough Enough? has a male and female ambassador, Arnold Aninion and Aubrey Miles. 

Aubrey Miles, a fitness afficionado will lead the extraordinary women contestants. Under #TeamAudrey, the finalists are: “The Girl Boss” Quisha Mediatrix Baterna, “The Relentless Challenger” Maria Rachelle Gallmann, “The Comeback Queen” Mary Jane Garner, “The Doubt Buster” Alys Andrea Serdenia and “The Love Warrior” Joanna Marie Tantoco. 

Arnold Aninion rugby player and body builder, has the job of leading the male contestants. Under #TeamArnold, the impressive lineup of male contestants are: “The Goal Getter” Chekhov Agayo, Baterna, “The Fitness Fighter” Ronald Jay-R Bolando, “The Public Protector” Christopher Dulagan, “The Fit-fluencer” Renz Lou Lagria, and “The Mighty Bro” Mark Anthony Jay Refugio. 

R U Tough Enough? Philippines is sponsored by Fisherman’s Friend, the Powerful adult candy with added benefits, supported by venue partner SM Mall of Asia, gym partner Gold’s Gym, supporting partner Pilipinas Obstacle Sports Federation, as well as cable partners Cablelink, Cignal TV, Destiny Cable, Gsat and SKYcable; and media partners Philstar, Philstar global, and Action Asia. 

KIX is available on Cablelink Ch.54, Cignal TV Ch. 133, Destiny Cable Ch.63, Gsat Ch. 18 and SKYcable Ch.63.

Finalists' Profile

Chekhov Agayo
Nickname: The Goal Getter
Age: 30
Occupation: Gold Miner

Description: As a child, Chekhov faced the harsh realities of coming from a financially unstable family, even working in the farm to help his dad.  But these difficulties only made him tough and determined.  Through a sports scholarship, he got a college degree.  Now working as a gold miner, Chekhov supports his mom and brother while preparing to have his own his business.  Physically and emotionally, this guy has been through tough times and he rose above them all.

Quisha Mediatrix Baterna
Nickname: The Girl Boss
Age: 25
Occupation: Entrepreneur

Description: Quisha has always been passionate about fitness and she's just as passionate into sharing it with everyone. As a fitness coach, she pushes all of her clients to unleash their full potential and she even imbibes in them  her 'never quit attitude'. For years, she was a regular on various bikini competitions.  Now, she has  decided to step out of her comfort zone and show everyone what she got. Get ready for this tough trainer!

Ronald Jay-R Bolando
Nickname: The Fitness Fighter
Age: 26
Occupation: Geodetic Engineer

Description: Ronald is a Geodetic Engineer, a job that leaves him facing physical and mental challenges on a regular basis.  This guy is so tough he once finished an ultra-marathon with a knee injury.  Why? Because he's not a quitter.   Growing up in a place without a gym, he wants to win RUTE to  to build a gym in his hometown.  His goal is to spread his advocacy that fitness is not an occasional activity but a lifestyle.

Christopher Dulagan
Nickname: The Public  Protector
Age: 24
Occupation: Police Officer

Description: Being a policeman means being ready to take a bullet for the people you vowed to protect.  Tough job but for Christopher, the toughest challenge he had to face is being away from his mom and 9 siblings while he was the studying to be a policeman.  This native of Sagada Mountain Province who is also a pageant title holder is ready to sacrifice himself for his family and his country.

Maria Rachelle Gallmann
Nickname: The Relentless Challenger
Age: 23
Occupation: Scientist

Description: Mara is never about the typical and ordinary. She constantly challenges herself with new experiences that would unleash her full potential. Now working as a marine scientist, part of her job is immersing herself with fisherfolk communities and snorkeling and diving in rough waters, sometimes even at night.  She takes on all these with mental alertness and physical endurance.  This woman is the total toughness package.

Mary Jane Garner
Nickname: The Comeback Queen
Age: 35
Occupation: Stock Market Investor and Gym Part-Owner

Description: Mary Jane didn't have a fairy tale life.  At 19, she was disowned by her family and bullied when she got pregnant. She worked through college to support her daughter. Eventually, she had a husband and another kid, but he left her as well. With all the punches thrown at her, Mary Jane always bounced back. Now a part-owner of a crossfit gym in Davao, she joins RUTE to show her daughters and other girls that you can make your own happy ending.

Renz Lou Lagria
Nickname: The Fit-fluencer
Age: 20
Occupation: Student and Fitness Trainer

Description: You may recognize Renz from a viral video when he was Mr. Cordillera but there is more to this 20 year old than that.  He used to be a typical college student who just wants a good time but his life changed when he ran out of money for his education.  He had to work as a construction worker for 6 months and this made him realize the importance of a college degree.  He continued his studies his own. As part of starting over, he focused on health and fitness.  With over 50,000 followers on social media, Renz wants to influence his fellow millennials to stay on the right track, may it be in fitness or in life.

Mark Anthony Jay Refugio
Nickname: The Mighty Bro
Age: 31
Occupation: Fitness Trainer

Description: Mark Anthony looks tough but he always has a soft spot for his family.  He worked 7 days a week as a teacher in Dubai to support his mom and his brother back home.  While he doesn't regret working hard for his family, his one pain is that he didn't get to talk to his mom before she had a stroke. He has now fully embraced his role as the head of the family, working as a fitness trainer and a music teacher.  Every experience he has gone through has made him more resilient and unafraid to take on new challenges.

Alys Andrea Serdenia
Nickname: The Doubt Buster
Age: 32
Occupation: Musical Theater Performer

Description: Alys pursued a better version of herself when she was being eaten up by self-doubt. She used to have a chubby body when she was younger and her weight would yoyo all the way until her early 20s. This took a toll on her self-confidence. She wanted to try out sports and participate in various activities but she was scared that she wouldn't excel in it.  While working in Hong Kong Disneyland as a performer, she got inspired by her fit coworkers and decided to reinvent herself.  This time, she fought through her insecurities and created a better, tougher version of herself.

Joanna Marie Tantoco
Nickname: The Love Warrior
Age: 31
Occupation: Personal Trainer

Description: When she separated with her boyfriend for 10years, she used the gym as her outlet. What she thought was a quick fix for heartbreak turned out to be her new love - working out. She eventually left her job to become a trainer. Joana proved that even when pain knocks you down, you should get back up, not for them -- but for yourself.

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